Chicago Recap

My time in Chicago has come to an end and I’m a little sad. We had a truly great time in Chicago, these past three days have been absolutely perfect. Literally, there is nothing to complain about. I’m serious — the weather told us it was going to be overcast all three days and 32 degrees the final day. Although it was super windy, the sky was clear all day. In fact, we didn’t see a cloud in the sky the entire weekend.

On Thursday morning we left Richmond at 6am and drove for hours. We pulled into Chicago around 7pm. We checked into the hotel, changed and walked to Millennium Park to see the Bean. It’s just one of those things that you have to see when you travel to Chicago. After that we were starving and went to Harry Carry’s for dinner. We were so exhausted that after dinner we just headed back to the hotel and went straight to bed.

The following morning, my sister, Leslie, joined us right before we caught a cab to Wrigleyville. We spent a few hours at Sport Corner before heading into the game. After going 0-2 for nine straight innings, the Yankees pulled through at the top of the ninth winning 3-2 over the Cubs. We celebrated the victory at Sluggers, dancing, having drinks and sharing a good time together. For dinner we walked to Capital Grille. I love Capital Grille, the parmesan truffle fries are the best fries I have ever had.

Saturday, the baseball game was a evening game so we started the morning with breakfast and immediately after, set out along the Michigan Mile and shopped the entirety of it. I purchased one top from Forever21 and the Vineyard Vines Chicago shirt. This was the first time I have bought clothing since February! We returned to the hotel, dropped our bags down and changed for the baseball game. Yesterday was by fat the coldest day. When the sun set, the weather was calling for 38 degrees — in May. I ended up wearing two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, two shirts, a sweatshirt, my Bean Boots, a baseball jersey, and my puffy jacket and I was still a little chilly but still the night was gorgeous. Seriously, not a cloud in the sky. The Yankees crushed the Cubs 11-6 scoring 5 in the top of the first.

It was tough picking a team to root for because I have been a Yankees fan my entire life but I really love the Cubs! My sister and dad were both rooting for the Yankees though so I chose the the Yankees as well for the weekend. It was such a nice weekend to spend with my dad and sister. I feel like I have been working for the past 8 months at college and it was nice to go on a trip and not think about homework or papers I would have to catch up on. We really did have a great time and pictures from the weekend are below! Enjoy!


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Answering YOUR Questions About Social Media, Blogging, & Sponsors

I love answering your questions. Being able to interact with readers whenever I can is super important to me and is one of the most exciting things about blogging. When it comes to emails and private messages, most are concerning social media, partnerships, and blogging in general. Last week, I wanted to open the floor to those who had questions so I could answer them for you today. I send out a Google form last week and last night I picked out some of my favorite questions and really thought out these answers. I hope you all enjoy and that they are helpful to you whether you are wondering about social media platforms or just how to get your foot in the door of the partnership world. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.35.08 PM

Image: Lilly Pulitzer

Q: Could you please explain the way a blog works. Do readers subscribe or get notifications when a new post is up? Or do they just check back daily?

A: I write a post each day, or at least I try to! Because this blog is public, anyone can stop by! I do have the option on the sidebar to the right where every single time I publish a blog post, it will be sent directly to your email but I also have a lot of loyal readers who swing by everyday to read. I know there are a few of you out there who read DDoP with their morning coffee each day! You can keep up with me through BlogLovin’ as well! Click here to follow along!

Q: Do you reach out to companies for partnerships or do they approach you?

A: A little bit of both. When I first started out, nobody knew who I was and I needed to really put myself out there. I would email a few companies here and there and I would get denied most often but sometimes, companies would take a chance on me. As I gained following through social media platforms, larger companies began to work with me then. As you get your name out there over time, the roles will be reversed and companies will approach you more than you approach companies. It is always important to have a way to communicate readily available for companies. Make sure that you have an email or a business contact in your social media biographies as well as a contact me page on your website.

Q: How did you come to advertise both yourself and your Instagram to gain followers?

A: I started Instagram with the intention of sharing my love for fashion and that was it. There was no ulterior motive to get “famous” or seek monetary opportunity out of it. I think that is an extremely important thing to notice. If you are in the blogging world and you don’t have the passion for it, you won’t go anywhere. When it comes to advertising for yourself, the key is to create captivating content that makes people coming back for more all while showing a little bit of your personality so readers can know you better. There are four key points that each blogger/Youtuber/influencer should follow in my opinion: communication, quality, consistency, and originality. You need to communicate with your audience through live streams, replying to comments and liking their photos back. You must have high quality pictures and posts; investing an a DSLR camera really took me to the next level. You need to be consistent, meaning that you need to keep at it. Post constantly, always be trying to best yourself and create better content than the day before. Finally, make sure you are original. Nobody wants a knockoff of someone else. Don’t be afraid to show your style, personality, and creativity!

Q: How do you continue to make such cute outfits without wearing the same thing 2 times?! Do company’s send you things or…?

A: I love reinventing looks. See, you think that I don’t wear things twice but I wear a lot of things over again, just in different ways! I take a lot of my outfit inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I buy a lot of basics and versatile items so I can style them with a lot of different things. I pretty much buy all of my clothing on my own. Every now and then a company will send something my way but mainly things on my Instagram are just found on sale somewhere. Never feel like you have to pay a thousand bucks to look like a thousand bucks!

Q: How do you get more followers on your social accounts?

A: Social media can be a tricky thing and honestly, I’m still trying to master how best to use it. To help gain social media following I would do giveaways, collaborate with other bloggers, and focus on creating high quality content. Using hashtags and tagging people aren’t a bad idea either when trying to get your name out there. Remember though, a solid social media presence doesn’t come overnight. You have to just keep at it and work hard! If you do that, I promise it will eventually pay off!

Q: What do you recommend doing for sponsorships and brand deals if you are a smaller blogger?

A: Everybody needs to start somewhere. My first partnership was with a small vinyl monogram company. I then moved onto a company that would send me stickers, and then another that would send me promo items like koozies and pencils. It’s okay to start from the bottom and work your way up. I do recommend taking a leap of faith every now and then and reach out to a larger company. After all, the worst they can say is no. I’m not saying to rep a sticker company for a month and then hit up Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines but I think trying to perfect a craft at a small level and climb the ladder is important. If you are a small blogger I would first iron out the details of establishing a schedule, taking pictures, and growing followers and then work on sponsorships. Work on the fundamentals and then add things in. I would email a few people though and just put yourself out there, be sincere and kind, and really show them what you have to offer. Include your engagement rate (followers to likes and comments) and all of your stats!

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Current J.Crew Favorites 4/24

I always feel like J.Crew becomes a showstopper during Spring and Summer. The brand really plays with prints, patterns, and textures during the warmer months and they are truly one of the best at doing so. Right now, J.Crew has the cutest and most classic items for Spring and Summer and I just needed to share them with everyone.

J.Crew has done a great job this season by incorporating modern tends with the classic prep style that their loyal customers keep coming back for. Right now they have some great off the shoulder tops and bodysuits! I love a good bodysuit but I can ever find one that is appropriate for regular wear or remotely close to my style. I’m really pleased that J.Crew had started making a few. Everything is linked below if you are interested in purchasing something from their newest collection!

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 2.30.46 PM.png

|white ruffle blouse | polka dot top | striped bodysuit | striped poplin shirt | off the shoulder gingham top |black bow shorts | perfect fit striped tee | gingham shorts | mixed pattern top |

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Lilly Pulitzer Two-Piece Sets

If you caught my Live Story last night you might have heard me talk about styles and how they are ever changing. I mentioned that although I don’t see my style changing anytime soon, I did mention how I wish to infuse a few trends into my wardrobe. I’ve been trying our off the shoulder tops and dresses and crop tops. I love the Lilly Pulitzer crop top sets because they really combine classic Lilly Pulitzer styles with modern trends. Right now, Lilly has some of the most adorable crop and skirt/shorts sets!

Today I am styling my Melody crop top set from the Spring 2016 collection in the print “La Via Loca”. Although this set is all sold out, I linked all of Lilly’s current crop top sets!!

FullSizeRender 164FullSizeRender 165FullSizeRender 166FullSizeRender 167FullSizeRender 168FullSizeRender 169IMG_3224.JPG

Shop Lilly Pulitzer Crop Top Sets

| Millika Set | Cadden Set | Ramona Set | Neri Set |

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Set Sail this Summer with KJP

There are so BIG things happening at Kiel James Patrick currently. From building their first store, to contributing merchandise to the Skinny Dip in Charleston, and choosing Camp Foxhawk interns the staff over at KJP headquarters are busy at work. However, that isn’t stopping them from releasing the cutest and most nautical apparel and accessories.

KJP has always released items that scream classic prep. I love the small details they add to each product as well along with the classic anchor clasp added to the bracelets. I’ve rounded up my favorite KJP items for Spring and early Summer and I think y’all are going to like them too. What’s even better is the fact that when you use the code DDOPKJP you will receive 15% off of your entire purchase from Kiel James Patrick’s website! Happy shopping!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.09.14 PM.png

Shop the Post

| Chatham Stripes Dress | Linked to Pearlfection bracelet | Leather Phone Case | Class Girls pearl cuff | Cape Knot Hitch Charm bracelet |East Bay Stroll bracelet | Pink Sorbet Sunset bracelet | The Beachcomber oxford shirt |

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April marks the beginning of the end for seniors in both college and high school alike. This is such an exciting time in your academic career. You can look back on all of your accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. These last few weeks in school is a time to spend with friends, and thank the teachers who had a great influence on you but it’s also a time to start planning the graduation festivities!

It’s that time of year where grads are starting to shop for their dresses and stores are starting to release theirs. When shopping for grad dresses keep in mind that if you’re going to purchase a pricey dress, make sure that you can wear it multiple times for multiple reasons. If you’re a senior think about possible sorority recruitment, college banquets, or Easter. If you’re graduating from college think about something that you might be able to wear to work with a cardigan or on an evening date or maybe a work party. These dresses should be dresses that you can wear for years to come.

Here are Daily Dose of Prep’s top picks for graduation dresses!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.34.57 PM.png

Shop Classic White Dresses 

| One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.40.25 PM.png

Shop Fun Floral Dresses 

| One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.53.34 PM.png

Shop Vibrant Solid Dresses

| One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

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Easter Weekend & Lilly Eggs

I’m finally home for Easter weekend and I am so excited. I am a home body and love to be at home with my family. Easter is also one of my most favorite times to spend with my family because not only is the holiday itself truly one of the happiest there is to celebrate but it is so beautiful outside this time of year.

To match the gorgeous weather and happy occasion, for Easter this year I wanted to make some fun Lilly Pulitzer Easter eggs. For a last minute east egg idea, a fun idea would be to ModPodge Lilly Pulitzer paper to hard boiled eggs. It took me about 4 minutes per egg and they ended up looking pretty good. I also wanted to share a possible Easter outfit with everyone!

I love the classic Mila Shift from Lilly Pulitzer and this one from last summer is so cute! It is in the print Roar of the Seas. I think hats are also a classic on Easter so this vintage hat is perfect for this Sunday. The pink in the ribbon matches the pink in the dress so well. For accessories, I wanted to let the dress speak for itself so I kept things simple with my gold Palm Beach Sandals and pearl earrings. Enjoy!

P.S. — these photos look a little different because I’m wearing absolutely no makeup at all. I woke up yesterday morning with an eye infection but wanted to bring a fun Easter look! That’s why where are less photos and no head on photos 🙈



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| Current Mila Shift | Shoes: Palm Beach Sandals |

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