Set Sail this Summer with KJP

There are so BIG things happening at Kiel James Patrick currently. From building their first store, to contributing merchandise to the Skinny Dip in Charleston, and choosing Camp Foxhawk interns the staff over at KJP headquarters are busy at work. However, that isn’t stopping them from releasing the cutest and most nautical apparel and accessories.

KJP has always released items that scream classic prep. I love the small details they add to each product as well along with the classic anchor clasp added to the bracelets. I’ve rounded up my favorite KJP items for Spring and early Summer and I think y’all are going to like them too. What’s even better is the fact that when you use the code DDOPKJP you will receive 15% off of your entire purchase from Kiel James Patrick’s website! Happy shopping!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.09.14 PM.png

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| Chatham Stripes Dress | Linked to Pearlfection bracelet | Leather Phone Case | Class Girls pearl cuff | Cape Knot Hitch Charm bracelet |East Bay Stroll bracelet | Pink Sorbet Sunset bracelet | The Beachcomber oxford shirt |

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April marks the beginning of the end for seniors in both college and high school alike. This is such an exciting time in your academic career. You can look back on all of your accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. These last few weeks in school is a time to spend with friends, and thank the teachers who had a great influence on you but it’s also a time to start planning the graduation festivities!

It’s that time of year where grads are starting to shop for their dresses and stores are starting to release theirs. When shopping for grad dresses keep in mind that if you’re going to purchase a pricey dress, make sure that you can wear it multiple times for multiple reasons. If you’re a senior think about possible sorority recruitment, college banquets, or Easter. If you’re graduating from college think about something that you might be able to wear to work with a cardigan or on an evening date or maybe a work party. These dresses should be dresses that you can wear for years to come.

Here are Daily Dose of Prep’s top picks for graduation dresses!

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| One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

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| One | Two | Three | Four | Five |

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Easter Weekend & Lilly Eggs

I’m finally home for Easter weekend and I am so excited. I am a home body and love to be at home with my family. Easter is also one of my most favorite times to spend with my family because not only is the holiday itself truly one of the happiest there is to celebrate but it is so beautiful outside this time of year.

To match the gorgeous weather and happy occasion, for Easter this year I wanted to make some fun Lilly Pulitzer Easter eggs. For a last minute east egg idea, a fun idea would be to ModPodge Lilly Pulitzer paper to hard boiled eggs. It took me about 4 minutes per egg and they ended up looking pretty good. I also wanted to share a possible Easter outfit with everyone!

I love the classic Mila Shift from Lilly Pulitzer and this one from last summer is so cute! It is in the print Roar of the Seas. I think hats are also a classic on Easter so this vintage hat is perfect for this Sunday. The pink in the ribbon matches the pink in the dress so well. For accessories, I wanted to let the dress speak for itself so I kept things simple with my gold Palm Beach Sandals and pearl earrings. Enjoy!

P.S. — these photos look a little different because I’m wearing absolutely no makeup at all. I woke up yesterday morning with an eye infection but wanted to bring a fun Easter look! That’s why where are less photos and no head on photos 🙈



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| Current Mila Shift | Shoes: Palm Beach Sandals |

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Layers in the Springtime

I’m back today with another outfit post. These by far are my favorite posts to shoot. I love being able to create new looks and try to re-style items in my closet to something new. I think J.Crew is one of the most versatile brands out there. They create classic pieces that you can wear for years to come. Y’all know how much I love J.Crew striped tees. They go well with everything!

For this look, I styled a classic J.Crew striped boatneck three different ways with a navy Polo cable knit sweater. I styled the look with white jeans from Old Navy, gold Palm Beach Sandals, and my classic jewelry. My staple gems are my pearl choker from KJP, my gold monogram necklace from Sparkle and Whim and my new favorite watch from Daniel Wellington. Use my code LUCY15 for 15% off your next purchase at Daniel Wellington!


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| Jeans: Old Navy | Top: J.Crew | Sweater: Ralph Lauren Polo | Shoes: Palm Beach Sandals c/o | Bag: Target | Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o | Necklaces: Gold and Pearl Choker c/o; Gold Monogram Necklace c/o |

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Full Blooms

I’ve been trying to infuse a few items in my wardrobe with some modern trends like off the shoulders and three quarter length sleeves. It’s a little hard for me to get out of my comfort zone and try new trends. I’m pretty into my Lilly Pulitzer and Chino shorts but here’s to trying.

When I was in New York for Spring break, I decided to visit the Forever21 in Times Square. The store is 5 floors and literally has anything that you could ever need. That being said, I very rarely shop at Forever21 because the amount of things the store sells is intimidating to me.  Nevertheless, I persisted and found a few gems.

My favorite find of the shopping trip was this light blue and white contemporary striped dress. The fabric is so light and airy and has the trendy off the shoulders looks that everyone is so into right now. What I really love about the dress is how they added ties on the shoulder to keep the dress up. I love the little extra detail that the designers added.

I styled my wrap up espadrilles with the dress. Although they are back and white, I think they paired really well together. I kept jewelry simple and stuck to my pearl earrings and pearl necklace.


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| Dress: Forever 21| Shoes: Soludos | Sunglasses: J.Crew | Necklace: Kiel James Patrick c/o |

Use my code DDOPKJP for 15% off

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An Open Letter to My Sorority Sisters…


To the Girls in Theta Omicron of ADPi,

It’s been a pretty crazy year for me. I mean, moving to college away from family and my best friends was tough for me — a lot tougher than I had anticipated. I felt very lost my first semester, the combination of not feeling fully at home here at JMU and not having too many friends yet made me feel very self conscious and just all out of sorts. Even throughout recruitment, I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find a home here.

That all changed the night I received my Bid Card from Alpha Delta Pi. That night, not knowing any of my new sisters, I met my very best friends. Who knew that going up to someone and saying “I literally know nobody here” would land you two of the greatest girls at school. Even after joining ADPi, and eventually finding a great spot here, college still brought the many ups and downs that it tends to. Long papers, roommate struggles, stress, new semesters, and more ADPi was there through it all. The one constant in the mix. If I didn’t have Alpha Delta Pi, I would have been absolutely miserable my first semester here. I was so lost on the basis of my major and of a friend group and without y’all I would probably still be in limbo.

All I wanted when I joined was a great place to call home and a great organization to be apart of, although the other sororities on campus are all great, I can’t see myself anywhere other than ADPi. Who knew that when I accepted my Bid Card and was initiated that I was joining a group of girls that would stay up until 1am with to watch the World Series, find a group of girls to come bring me ice cream when I’m having a bad day,  or find group of girls who will always help me with whatever I need whenever I need a hand. I will admit, in the past I made fun of sororities. I didn’t understand the idea of it. I now realize that it’s one of those things where you don’t understand the power of it until you’re apart of it.

I’m excited to continue my journey with ADPi for the rest of my collegiate career as well as for the rest of my life. I’m excited to stick my pin to my bouquet at my wedding and I’m looking forward to spontaneously meeting sisters from across the country when I wear letters. I’m gearing up for next year and am excited for the many laughs, late nights, Bachelor Monday’s, and other exciting things that being an ADPi brings. I also can’t wait to live in the house with my best friends next year!! Thank every ADPi out there for being a great friend and sister — you embody sorority in ever sense of the word! Diamonds are forever and so is our bond!

Peace and Pi Love,


My Freshman Dorm Room

Yesterday I shared my college essentials packing list and you all seemed to really enjoy it. I am so happy that you all took so well to it and that many of you found it helpful. Today I wanted to share what my freshman dorm room looks like. Whenever I go on LiveStory on Instagram and I’m in my dorm that is the one thing that everybody asks. They all want to see what my dorm room looks like. For the sake of my roommates privacy, I only shared my side of the room. I didn’t include our bathroom because it’s the blandest thing ever as well.

I practically live on and under my bed and that’s about it. There’s no other way to put the furniture in my dorm room and because I moved in later in the year, I got the loft bed. I honestly don’t mind a lofted bed. It makes me feel a little bit more secluded which sometimes, can be nice. I also like having a little cave where my desk is. It’s easy to get lost in my schoolwork underneath there. On the same coin though, I sometimes feel a little bit stir crazy when I spend a lot of time in one spot because the room is so small.

I also tried to make my dorm room feel as homey as possible. That’s why I have tons of throw pillows, pictures, and decorations on my walls. I needed to make things colorful in here in order to keep my sanity haha.

FullSizeRender 131

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