Goodbye Freshman Year

Today I take my very last final and pack up and move out of my freshman dorm room. It’s so crazy how I’m already a fourth of the way through college and that the year is coming to a close. Sophomore year, here I come! Although I did have a really hard time adjusting to college itself, I had a blast at JMU. I experienced so many great things and met so many outstanding people and without them, my year wouldn’t have been half as great as it was.

Freshman year is a hard adjustment for anyone and I was no exception. I started off living in a completely different dorm than I do now, for starters. I moved out of the Village in November and into a Bluestone dorm. It couldn’t have been a better decision. Not only did I live with a fantastic roommate but I also lived on a floor full of the most energetic, unique, and charismatic girls you could ever meet. They were all so welcoming when I moved in late last semester and it’ll be so strange not seeing them everyday!


I also started off the year in a completely opposite field of study than what I am in now. In the fall I was studying math and education, and as much as I still love and respect both of those fields of study so much, I decided that communications and public relations was much more fitting. Next semester, I will start on my comm journey by taking a few intro courses and then I will apply to my major in the winter. I’m hoping these classes will start me off on a journey towards my dream job, being a director of PR for a big fashion brand. I hope to one day live in a big city like Chicago or New York (at least for a few years).

In September, I also joined Alpha Delta Pi. I was really nervous about joining a sorority and honestly, I almost didn’t. I didn’t know if I would find the perfect one for me or if it would all be worth it. I’m so happy to decided to go through with recruitment because it not only took me out of my comfort zone but also introduced me to 230 wonderful ladies! This year ADPi raised money for Ronald McDonald House by selling pizza, playing baseball, and flag football. We also had fun parties such as christmas cocktail, formal, Mallard Ball, Black Diamond Ball, and re-live New Year’s. To a few of those, I did debut the glitter pants that I love so much!We attended philanthropy events for the Panhellenic community as well.  We went to the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, the Charlottesville Ronald McDonald House and Massanutten together too. I met my best friends through this sisterhood and leaving them for 4 months is just about the saddest thing I can think of.

Throughout the year, blogging really was taken to the next level. I *tried to* blog everyday and for the most part succeeded minus and handful of days here and there when school got too crazy. I worked with so many companies this year — Scout by Bungalow, ASOS, KJP, Leigh Deux, Carolina Dandy, Suave, Panera Bread, and Lauren James to name a few. I reformatted the blog this past January and am looking forward to expanding my coding and CSS knowledge this summer. I have so many great photo ideas and am planning to take pictures one to two times a week this summer to bring everyone a lot of content. Throughout the year I also shared a lot of InstaLives. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them so I will most definitely continue to go live this summer.

As for next year, I will be returning to James Madison University in the fall and am honestly super excited to come back. I came to JMU with a clouded mindset with the intention of transferring. I have decided to come back in 4 months. I debated on living in the sorority house next year but am partial to a little privacy so decided against it. I will be living in an apartment with one of my ADPi sisters and two of her friends. Don’t worry, I already have a Pinterest board started full of apartment ideas! I’m looking forward to expanding my circle of friends this fall by joining a few clubs and maybe the entrepreneur fraternity (I’m not quite sure about that one yet). I have already decided to attend more football games in the fall and am challenging myself to try to expand my comfort zone a little further than I did this year.

This summer I am going to really do things for me and take the next few months to be a little selfish. I will be working at Lilly Pulitzer again this summer, I return to the store on Tuesday! I picked up a second job waitressing at a restaurant in Richmond as well to help me save for utilities and groceries for my apartment. I am ready for a good long break to help me recollect my thoughts, write lots of blog posts, take tons of pictures, and ride a few waves at the beach. Trust me though, this summer is going to be a great one both on Daily Dose of Prep and in my personal life. I can’t wait to share these fun upcoming months with everyone! Thank you all for your emails, messages, comments, and likes throughout the school year — seriously your support means everything to me! Here’s to a great summer!

Stay Preppy,



College Packing List

It’s an exciting time of year! Seniors are getting accepted to colleges and are trying to figure out their plans for next year. Preparing for college is an exciting, stressful, and emotional time. This summer will be a transition period where you have to start to accept that you’re no longer going to be living at home and you have to switch into adult mode. This summer, you also have to start packing up your life and prepare for dorm life.

Living in a dorm room, although a major adjustment, is a very manageable. The key to make sure that you get everything you need for your dorm room is to start early. Places like Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond are going to start putting out their dorm room merchandise as soon as Easter is over so it’s almost time to get a jump on things! I know, I know…you haven’t even picked a roommate yet. I still wanted to post this early so as soon as you’re sure of a roommate and college, you can get the ball rolling.

In this post I share the general things that you need to take to college. I didn’t include specific toiletries, food, school supplies, or clothing. I will be posting a blog discussing the smaller “knick knacks” that you will need when they head off to college. That post will be coming soon, so be on the look out!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.33.22 AM

There are a few things on this list that I want to point out. First off, these are the things that I found to be super helpful and extremely necessary to my dorm this past year. There are a few “extra” things that not every needs like throw pillows, candles, or a carpet. I do think though that if you’re going to be living in a tiny box for 8 months, you should make it feel like home. All of the things listed above made me feel at home. I also wrote the post as if your dorm had your own bathroom and a Jack and Jill style bathroom — therefore you would be responsible for cleaning your own facilities.

I also wrote the post as if you had no air conditioning. My dorm has no AC but has great heating. This is the way you want your dorm room, being in VA I can bear three to four weeks  a semester sleeping on top of the covers, opposed to the 14 weeks I would need with 6 blankets piled in my bed. That being said, it will get hot in your room throughout September and in April/May. Fans are crucial for those few weeks and once it’s cool, just take them home for those middle months and bring them back after spring break.

I hope you find this list helpful and I hope you’re getting excited for move in day!! If you have any further questions please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at!

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College According to Bride Wars

Bride Wars is hands down one of my favorite movies. My sisters and I are known for quoting movies more than any sane person should and Bride Wars is no acceptation. I took some time the other day to relax and ended up turning it on and realized how relatable this movie is to college. Literally so many quotes from this movie apply to college on so many different levels. I thought it was pretty funny so I wanted to share college according to Bride Wars.

That moment when you realize all of your exams line up on the same day. 

We all have those moments when literally every class assigned every paper, quiz, test, and project on the same day. Literally communication speeches, rhetorical analysis, calculus exams, Buddhism quiz, and a sorority event all on the same day. There’s only 24 hours in a day, everyone!


When you see your crush every time you leave your dorm.

Every single time you leave your dorm whether to go to class, the dining hall, or the library you see your crush everywhere. Honestly, who knows he could be stalking you or something but you just have to wonder is God giving me a sign??

When you have tons of mandatory sorority events that you actually don’t want to go to. 

Yeah. This happens. Sororities require a lot of their members. This means that you sometimes have to spend your precious study time in a two hour seminar on why you should pay $4,000 to travel to Africa or participate in a pumpkin scavenger hunt across campus when you would rather be laying in bed napping because you got 4 hours of sleep the night before. But who knows, maybe one day my lessons learned in the pumpkin patch  palooza will come in handy…giphy

When you do less than spectacular on a really important exam. 

You study for weeks, you have a study group, go to office hours, get help from the tutoring center and you still end up performing poorly on an exam. Probably the cruelest thing about college is the lack of grades in the grade book for mid-semester and final grades. Like really, two tests are going to show the world my knowledge on the entire subject of religion?? Okay, I guess my NINE YEARS OF CATHOLIC SCHOOLING counted for nothing.


When you literally have had enough. 

When everything and everybody just get to be too much to handle and all you want to do is go to the puppy farm and be snuggled to death. Death by puppy doesn’t sound too bad.


When you see a cute boy across the room but another girl is about to step in. 

Yeahno. This is my time to shine.

When you get your semester bill and you see your loans piling up in front of you. 

“Education is important” they say, “You need to go to college to get a good job” they say. No you need to go to college, so you can pay off how much college is actually costing you.


Despite the jokes above, college is a blast. 

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My Workout Routine

Since coming back to school I have received so many requests to share my workout routine. I’m just going to preface this post with saying, my workout routine isn’t anything too special. Y’all think very highly of me to think I have a fancy workout routing but I really just stick to the basics!

At college, I am really lucky because James Madison University is home to the largest gym on the east coast. We really have everything here: a rock climbing wall, racquetball courts, indoor swimming pool, water polo pool, yoga classes, cycling classes, barre classes. You ask for it, we have it. Not to mention, our main exercise area looks out on the Shenandoah valley and it gorgeous when the sun sets!


Arms: When it comes to arms, I don’t over-do it. I don’t want to be ripped but I just want to build up a little muscle. For each exercise I usually do 20 reps of one set, 20 reps of another, take a sip of water or two, and then repeat. I also usually tend to stick to 10 pound weights, they were recommend by my personal trainer back in Richmond! I’m weak, I know! Lol.

  • standing v raises
  • shoulder presses
  • tricep extensions
  • Curls
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raises
  • Bend over rows
  • Hammer curls

Legs: My legs are way stronger than arms are. I assume it’s from tennis and cheerleading in high school. Again, when I hit the any leg machine, I don’t over do it on the level. I don’t want to strain my legs, just tone them! I stick with the same process I do with my arms when I work out my legs. Here are some of exercises I do on leg day.

  • 10 minute warm up on elliptical
  • Leg press machine
  • One legged dead lift
  • Seated leg curls
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Reverse lunges with bar
  • Jump squats
  • Cool down lap around the track
  • Calf raises

Core: I don’t do core too often because sometimes I feel as if it’s incorporated in my leg and arm workouts but here are a few exercises that help you tone your core.

  • Crunches
  • Alternate heel touches
  • Flutter kicks
  • Plank and side planks
  • Russian twists
  • Sit-ups
  • Mountain climbers

Cardio: I have been trying to lose a few pounds and the best way I have found to do so is to do cardio when at the gym. I hate running so much so I tend to keep the treadmill out of my workout. Here are a few things I do to keep up with my cardio.

  • 4 miles on elliptical
  • 3 miles on rowing machine
  • 2 miles on the Arc trainer
  • 1 mile cycling machine cool down

FullSizeRender 102.jpg

Shop my workout gear here! 

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My Monday Routine

Now that high school seniors are staring to be accepted and make their decision on where they will go to school next year, I wanted to let everyone into my daily routine at school. A college day is much different than a regular high school day in so many ways. For one, you don’t have seven or eight straight hours or school a day. I usually have 3-4 hours of class a day and they’re not all back to back. Another huge difference of college from high school is the fact that I usually study and do my homework outside of my home. I will go to the library or the student success center to try and get things done so when I go home, I can relax.

Today I am going to share with everyone a typical Monday. This schedule is also the exact same as my typical Wednesday too. Tuesday and Thursdays and Fridays are a lot more low key (especially Fridays) but I wanted to share my two busiest days with everyone. Enjoy!


7:10AM – Wake Up – I wake up each Monday at 7:10 and once my alarm goes off, usually lay in bed for about 15 minutes. I check my emails, go on Instagram, answer texts, and maybe catch up on a a YouTube video. At around 7:25 I’m getting up and getting ready for the day. Because Mondays are so busy, I don’t get all dressed up for class. Monday usually consists of leggings, a sweatshirt, and my new balances. As far as makeup goes, I put on foundation and mascara, I brush my hair, brush my teeth and I’m out the door by 7:45

8:00AM – Religion 101 – I have my religion 101 class at 8AM on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. I love this class, it talks about the main religions of the world. It’s a 50 minute class because it’s three days a week, instead of two.

8:50AM – Breakfast – On Mondays I get Chick-Fil-A for breakfast because it is right behind the building where my religion class is. I grab my order (4 chicken mini meal) and head back to my dorm to wait until my next class starts. I go back to my dorm because it is really close to my next class of the day.

9:05AM – Blogging – Once I get back to my dorm after ordering my Chick-Fil-A, I sit in the lounge and spend about an hour blogging. This is when I write the post for the next day. Sometimes, the post takes a little longer than an hour but most times, it takes around 45 minutes. I don’t go back up to my dorm room during this time because my roommate is still sleeping and there’s no point in going in my room if it might wake her up. Also, if I go up to my dorm I would be tempted to get back in bed and might fall asleep!

10:10AM – French 231 – At 10:10 I have my French class. I have this class on Mondays and Wednesdays but not on Fridays which is so nice! Because I only have this class two days, it’s a hour and fifteen minutes long.

11:25AM – Library – I head to the library right after French class. In this time I do my calculus homework, draft my weekly history paper, make philosophy and religion note cards, do my philosophy online participation, and my french online exercises. I usually can’t get all of this done in one sitting but I try to get most of it done.

4:00PM – Calculus 232 – After spending some time at the library, I walk over to the math building on the opposite side of the quad for my 3D calculus class. I love this class but I also really don’t like this class because it is so hard! My teacher is really great though and makes the class interesting. This class again is only on Mondays and Wednesdays so it’s an hour and fifteen minutes.

5:15PM – Calculus Office Hours – I usually have a question or two about my homework from the class before. It’s really convenient that office hours are right after my class because the material is still fresh on my mind.

5:40 – Dinner – After office hours, while I’m out I usually go a grab dinner so I don’t have to go out again once I get back to my dorm. I usually either go to Duke’s of SSC to get food because those are the closest places to my dorm. I usually only eat two meals a day, my stomach really can’t handle three meals a day, it’s just way too much food for me.

6:00PM – Netflix/Homework/Shower – During this time, I usually come back and eat my dinner and finish up some homework that I didn’t get to earlier. If I finished everything I needed to get done for the day, I will make a few flashcards for upcoming tests and watch some Netflix. I usually sit at my desk and do homework, instead of on my bed because when the sun goes down, it makes me really sleepy. I’ve been known to fall asleep in the middle of doing homework if I’m on my bed! If I have no homework, I will also use this time to shower and dry my hair!

8:00PM – The Bachelor – Mondays in my dorm are always so fun because almost all of us watch The Bachelor. My roommate and I sometimes host the hall, and other times we will go to other’s dorms. Either way, my hall mates and I all pile into one room and watch The Bachelor together. While we’re talking about it #teamcorinne all the way. I really didn’t like her at first but she is awesome. She speaks her mind, has fun, and doesn’t let anyone push her around.

10PM – Netflix – After The Bachelor, I am so spent and exhausted from my 15 hour day that I’ll brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair, and climb into bed. I’ll watch a little bit of Netflix or Hulu but it’s not before long that I’m out like a light. If I am to have a lot of homework and studying though, I will continue to study until about midnight or 1:00AM and then hit the sack!

Stay Preppy,




Tips to Help You Choose Your College

I have had a lot of readers ask me about college lately and one the main questions was how to pick the right college. I can’t give you an exact answer on how to choose the perfect college for you because the only real way you will know  is when you move in and start living on campus. There are a few things to ask yourself though, when you’re choosing a university. I get it, it’s a really big task having to choose your home for the next 4 years but it’s doable! I will be using a lot of Virginia school comparisons and examples in this post, but obviously the post applies to schools everywhere! Hopefully, these tips help you find the perfect college for you!


Distance – How far do you want to go? I know leaving home and going far away to be independent sounds so appealing, but sometimes it can be a huge mistake. If you go half way across the country and get homesick, it’s really difficult and expensive to get home. On the same token, God forbid something seriously wrong happened to either you or a loved one…would you be okay with being so far away from home? I personally like the fact that I can easily make the short two hour drive home if I ever need a dress for formal, a home cooked meal, or just a weekend with my family.

Money – How much are you/your family willing to spend? College is expensive no matter which way you slice it. Take scholarships out of the picture, out of state tuition is way higher at public universities than instate tuition by a long shot. If you are concerned about money than maybe instate is more your speed — I know it was for my family. Being one of four girls, all with dreams of attending college, our dad made a strict rule that if we wanted his help in paying tuition we had to choose a school within the state lines.

Area of Study – Some of us go into college with absolutely no clue what you want to do and thats totally ok! If you do know what you would like to do when you grow up, it’s always a great idea to help compare each school’s specific school of study that interests you. For example, if you were an education major do some research on all of the education programs for the schools you were accepted to. The point of college not only is to help you grow as a person but it is to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. Do your research and make pro and con lists!

Location – If you love adventures and exploring, maybe take a look at the surrounding area near your school. Do you like the city or are you more into the country or the mountains. VCU is a great school if you are looking to live close to the bustling city life but if you love the mountains, JMU is a great choice. UVA is a little mix of both.

Take the Tour – You never know how you like a college until you get on campus and explore. If you are close enough to the school, take the time to go on a tour. You will have the opportunity to see the dorms, the library, the dining hall, a few classrooms, and have the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate answers. However, if you take the tour, take a moment to stray away from the group and roam the campus yourself. College tours are very rushed and don’t always hit every part of campus. I would suggest that you go off on your own with your parent to explore and talk to some of the students. They’re more than happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Don’t Follow Your Friends – I know in high school you want to stay with your friends, but  please don’t follow them to college. There was an entire group of girls from my high school that all went to the same school because, well they’re friends and a great security blanket. Now, I know two or three of those girls hate where they go and are planning to transfer. It’s always a blessing when you have the convenience of your friends at college but college is about new experiences, new people, and a new start. It’s okay to be taken out of your comfort zone and be forced to make new friends. Do what you want, not what you feel you need to do in order to stay friends with people.

Focus on Academics – First and foremost, college is about your education. Even though they’re all fun, it’s not about the parties, sororities, or clubs. Ask yourself when choosing your university “what will set me up for success later in life?”. If you do this, you will have a better perspective on which school has to offer academics-wise.

Ask About the Social Life – Even though academics are the most important thing a college can offer you, it’s extremely important to research the social life at your prospective schools. Each person’s social interests are different. You might love to go to parties, maybe you love football and sporting events, maybe your interested in religious groups, or maybe you like to lay low and hang our in your dorm with friends. Each campus varies on all of these things so it’s important to ask tour guides, friends who go to the college, or do some research to help you find the right social fit for you. If you really want to get into the social vibe, try spending a weekend on the campus. If you know a friend who goes to that specific college, try staying with them for a weekend. That will really help you get a sense of what college life is really like.

I hope some of these tips helped you narrow down your choices for picking a college! Please remember to go with your gut though and keep in mind that college is all about you. It’s the time that you leave home, the time you learn new life lessons, and the time that you get to explore who you are and what you want. Good luck and congratulations on this new chapter in your life!

Stay Preppy,




Life Update: Halfway Through Second Semester

How is it already (almost) halfway through second semester? I mean, I’m looking at the calendar already preparing for midterms and adding things to my shopping cart for spring break! I know that you guys love to read fun updates of what’s going on in my life and how I’m doing so I resorted to Twitter to get a sense of what everyone wanted to read. A life update post was the winner and I wanted to make people happy and give a little summary of what’s been going on these past few weeks!

School – School is great! I love all of my professors this semester and I find all of my classes really interesting. I’m taking philosophy, 3D calculus, religions of the world, prehistoric-1500 world history, and intermediate French. Calc as always is challenging but I’m studying really hard in that class and am hoping it pays off in the long run. Philosophy is definitely my hardest class this semester though. It’s so different and abstract that anything else I have taken in all my years of schooling. I was just at office hours yesterday asking questions and picking the professor’s brain. It’s so crazy that in just 14 days we’ll be taking midterms for the semester and I’ll enter into my final quarter of my freshman year. My roommate, Jess, and I were talking about how we only have 52 days of school left and about 21 days of those are Saturdays and Sundays. Before I know it, I’ll be packing up my freshman dorm room for another summer in RVA. I’m still debating on changing my major but if I do anything, it won’t be until next semester!


Blogging – I am having a blast blogging! I always love posting but without a spring sport or nearly as many commitments as I had in high school, I find that I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I have really invested myself in the blog these past few weeks and I think it’s really paying off. I have some great post ideas coming up and some amazing collaborations coming with companies such as Lauren James, Rufus & Royce, West End Monograms, and more! Not to mention that I am bringing y’all an amazing giveaway this upcoming weekend! I hunted HIGH AND LOW for a Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks S’Well Bottle and I finally found one. After putting my name on tons of call lists and waitlists for one, on Tuesday morning a Starbucks in Midlothian, VA called me (at 8am) letting me know I was next on the list to pick my print. I managed to have my sister, Leslie, find another one at a Starbucks near her in Austin, TX for a giveaway! Stay tuned this weekend to enter and on information on how to earn additional entries!


Sorority – I am loving ADPi more and more each day. I told y’all, I really didn’t like my sorority in the beginning but I am so happy I found a home here in ADPi. First semester, it took me a while to find my group of friends within my sorority but now that I have found my close knit group of about 6 or 7, my love for the chapter at James Madison has grown immensely. Just last night we went snow tubing at Massenutten Resort, a ski resort about 20 minutes from campus. All of my tests and quizzes were on Wednesday afternoon and we went tubing on Wednesday night so I literally had nothing else to do last night. Soon, we will start planning our spring  philanthropy event, our spring formal, and start Greek Sing but for now it’s just chapter meetings and little philanthropy events here and there.


Family – The Smith fam is doing well! My parents are headed off on a long weekend to Charleston, SC this weekend (jealous!!!) to watch UVA baseball in their season opening tournament. Leslie is absolutely killing it at work in Texas! Lisa is headed off to NYC in a few weeks for an architecture trip and she’s so excited! Her work is so great, she’s insanely talented. If you want to shop her RedBubble account you can click here to purchase some of her amazing stickers! Libbie is kicking off spring lacrosse next weekend for her junior season! She’s really enjoying her junior year of high school. I’m just looking forward to spring break! My dad and I are leaving RVA for a few days and heading to the Big Apple! We’re going to watch a little of the ACC basketball tournament and explore the city and maybe see a show while we’re there! I’m already making a 6 hour long playlist for the car ride which will soon be available on Spotify. You can follow my Spotify here!! 

Faith – I have found myself praying more and calling on God for a lot more things. I usually am not one to ask for help unless necessary but I have been calling on Christ for help recently for both small and large requests. I have been asking for him to help me seek patience, more kindness, and the ability to look at a situation from more than my point of view. One of the bible verses I have been relying on is Ephesians 4:2. I have also been calling on God to help me not worry about others so much. I’ve caught myself comparing myself to others in the classroom, on the blog, and in life in general too many times than I would like to recently, and I need a little bit of help with that as well.


What’s been going on in your life?? I would love to read your comments! 

Stay Preppy,