An Open Letter to My Sorority Sisters…


To the Girls in Theta Omicron of ADPi,

It’s been a pretty crazy year for me. I mean, moving to college away from family and my best friends was tough for me — a lot tougher than I had anticipated. I felt very lost my first semester, the combination of not feeling fully at home here at JMU and not having too many friends yet made me feel very self conscious and just all out of sorts. Even throughout recruitment, I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find a home here.

That all changed the night I received my Bid Card from Alpha Delta Pi. That night, not knowing any of my new sisters, I met my very best friends. Who knew that going up to someone and saying “I literally know nobody here” would land you two of the greatest girls at school. Even after joining ADPi, and eventually finding a great spot here, college still brought the many ups and downs that it tends to. Long papers, roommate struggles, stress, new semesters, and more ADPi was there through it all. The one constant in the mix. If I didn’t have Alpha Delta Pi, I would have been absolutely miserable my first semester here. I was so lost on the basis of my major and of a friend group and without y’all I would probably still be in limbo.

All I wanted when I joined was a great place to call home and a great organization to be apart of, although the other sororities on campus are all great, I can’t see myself anywhere other than ADPi. Who knew that when I accepted my Bid Card and was initiated that I was joining a group of girls that would stay up until 1am with to watch the World Series, find a group of girls to come bring me ice cream when I’m having a bad day,  or find group of girls who will always help me with whatever I need whenever I need a hand. I will admit, in the past I made fun of sororities. I didn’t understand the idea of it. I now realize that it’s one of those things where you don’t understand the power of it until you’re apart of it.

I’m excited to continue my journey with ADPi for the rest of my collegiate career as well as for the rest of my life. I’m excited to stick my pin to my bouquet at my wedding and I’m looking forward to spontaneously meeting sisters from across the country when I wear letters. I’m gearing up for next year and am excited for the many laughs, late nights, Bachelor Monday’s, and other exciting things that being an ADPi brings. I also can’t wait to live in the house with my best friends next year!! Thank every ADPi out there for being a great friend and sister — you embody sorority in ever sense of the word! Diamonds are forever and so is our bond!

Peace and Pi Love,



Life Update: Halfway Through Second Semester

How is it already (almost) halfway through second semester? I mean, I’m looking at the calendar already preparing for midterms and adding things to my shopping cart for spring break! I know that you guys love to read fun updates of what’s going on in my life and how I’m doing so I resorted to Twitter to get a sense of what everyone wanted to read. A life update post was the winner and I wanted to make people happy and give a little summary of what’s been going on these past few weeks!

School – School is great! I love all of my professors this semester and I find all of my classes really interesting. I’m taking philosophy, 3D calculus, religions of the world, prehistoric-1500 world history, and intermediate French. Calc as always is challenging but I’m studying really hard in that class and am hoping it pays off in the long run. Philosophy is definitely my hardest class this semester though. It’s so different and abstract that anything else I have taken in all my years of schooling. I was just at office hours yesterday asking questions and picking the professor’s brain. It’s so crazy that in just 14 days we’ll be taking midterms for the semester and I’ll enter into my final quarter of my freshman year. My roommate, Jess, and I were talking about how we only have 52 days of school left and about 21 days of those are Saturdays and Sundays. Before I know it, I’ll be packing up my freshman dorm room for another summer in RVA. I’m still debating on changing my major but if I do anything, it won’t be until next semester!


Blogging – I am having a blast blogging! I always love posting but without a spring sport or nearly as many commitments as I had in high school, I find that I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I have really invested myself in the blog these past few weeks and I think it’s really paying off. I have some great post ideas coming up and some amazing collaborations coming with companies such as Lauren James, Rufus & Royce, West End Monograms, and more! Not to mention that I am bringing y’all an amazing giveaway this upcoming weekend! I hunted HIGH AND LOW for a Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks S’Well Bottle and I finally found one. After putting my name on tons of call lists and waitlists for one, on Tuesday morning a Starbucks in Midlothian, VA called me (at 8am) letting me know I was next on the list to pick my print. I managed to have my sister, Leslie, find another one at a Starbucks near her in Austin, TX for a giveaway! Stay tuned this weekend to enter and on information on how to earn additional entries!


Sorority – I am loving ADPi more and more each day. I told y’all, I really didn’t like my sorority in the beginning but I am so happy I found a home here in ADPi. First semester, it took me a while to find my group of friends within my sorority but now that I have found my close knit group of about 6 or 7, my love for the chapter at James Madison has grown immensely. Just last night we went snow tubing at Massenutten Resort, a ski resort about 20 minutes from campus. All of my tests and quizzes were on Wednesday afternoon and we went tubing on Wednesday night so I literally had nothing else to do last night. Soon, we will start planning our spring  philanthropy event, our spring formal, and start Greek Sing but for now it’s just chapter meetings and little philanthropy events here and there.


Family – The Smith fam is doing well! My parents are headed off on a long weekend to Charleston, SC this weekend (jealous!!!) to watch UVA baseball in their season opening tournament. Leslie is absolutely killing it at work in Texas! Lisa is headed off to NYC in a few weeks for an architecture trip and she’s so excited! Her work is so great, she’s insanely talented. If you want to shop her RedBubble account you can click here to purchase some of her amazing stickers! Libbie is kicking off spring lacrosse next weekend for her junior season! She’s really enjoying her junior year of high school. I’m just looking forward to spring break! My dad and I are leaving RVA for a few days and heading to the Big Apple! We’re going to watch a little of the ACC basketball tournament and explore the city and maybe see a show while we’re there! I’m already making a 6 hour long playlist for the car ride which will soon be available on Spotify. You can follow my Spotify here!! 

Faith – I have found myself praying more and calling on God for a lot more things. I usually am not one to ask for help unless necessary but I have been calling on Christ for help recently for both small and large requests. I have been asking for him to help me seek patience, more kindness, and the ability to look at a situation from more than my point of view. One of the bible verses I have been relying on is Ephesians 4:2. I have also been calling on God to help me not worry about others so much. I’ve caught myself comparing myself to others in the classroom, on the blog, and in life in general too many times than I would like to recently, and I need a little bit of help with that as well.


What’s been going on in your life?? I would love to read your comments! 

Stay Preppy,





Breaking Down Recruitment Rounds

Even though sorority recruitment was over five months ago, I still have so many people asking for me to break down the week and explain what each day was like. I understand that recruitment is a scary and crazy few days so it’s best to be prepared. If you are planning on rushing either this fall or planning on some form of CoR recruitment, I wanted to give everybody plenty of time to learn about the experience and understand what to expect.

I have a few disclaimers before jumping into the post, and I hate disclaimers as much as the next person, but I feel it is necessary that I throw just two things out there. One, each recruitment varies. Although JMU is pretty similar to most processes, there are always going to be a few different details everywhere. Two, I agree that when you look good, you feel good but please remember that you are trying to find a group most like you. At the end of the day, you’re going to join a group of girls where it’s more personality based instead of based on material items. When going into each round, continue to ask yourself “Can I see myself here, can I see these girls as my sisters?”. If you continue to make mental checks like this, you will understand how to rank each house at the end of each round!  💖

James Madison’s fall recruitment was a total of six days and nights. Let me break it down for you…

Thursday 5pm – Open House Round 1 

During Open House rounds you visit each sorority house. This is the typical scene where around 100-150 girls file into the sorority house and you stand there and talk to sisters for about 30 minutes. Because sometimes there were upward of 300 girls in the house basement, you were screaming in each other’s faces trying to hear one another. It was also extremely hot and crowded so be prepared. This is the round where the sorority gets to know a little bit about you. They will ask you questions wondering where you’re from, what you’re studying, and what you’re interests are. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself!  Because there are twelve sororities on campus, we visited six on Thursday. I left the row at around 10PM this night.

Friday 5pm – Open House Round 2 

This is the exact same thing as the day before, you just go to the other 6 houses. On these two days you were allowed three 30 minute breaks total. This gives you the opportunity to get food or go back to your dorm and freshen up. I actually had class on Friday from 5-8 so used all of my breaks to go to class. I left the row at around 10Pm this night.

Saturday 10am – Philanthropy Round 

On this day you are called back to up to 8 houses depending on who you drop or who dropped you. I will be posting soon about how the dropping process is done. I was called back to eight houses so I had to attend eight 45 minute rounds learning about all of the charities that each sorority works with. The amount of time you spend on the row will change depending on how many houses you get called back to. I left the row at around 8PM this night.

Sunday 10am – Sisterhood Round

On Sunday you can be called back to up to 6 houses depending on who you dropped or who dropped you. I was called back to 6 houses so I was required to stay on the row longer than some who might have been called back to fewer houses. On sisterhood round, you learn all about what the sisterhood in the sorority is like. You will hear about the fun activities that the sisters do together and this was the day that all the cute videos that you see all over YouTube are shown. Don’t let those videos fool you, as fun as it is to see a great sorority with a great video do you really think that girls sit around and blow glitter out of their hand on a regular basis?? Probably not. I will admit though, those videos are so awesome looking. This is the ADPi one from this past year. You can see it’s much more low-key but greek life at JMU is low-key in itself. I left the row around 6PM this night.

Monday 7pm – Preference Round (Pref Night)

This is the biggest and most important night of recruitment week. This is the night where you have narrowed it down to two sororities and need to make a decision. I was down to Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Delta Pi. Typically, this is the night where you dress the fanciest and there is total silence on the row. The sororities are much more serious and there is no more changing or cheering. At this point, you have shown your interest in the sorority and now they want you. In other words, you have impressed them so much and they are very interested in you. At this point, you don’t have to sell yourself anymore, they are 100% selling their sorority to you. At the end of the evening you will have to rank them. You are not guaranteed a bid at all, the sorority could decide last minute that they don’t want you anymore. This is why even though they sorority is very interested in you because you have made it this far into recruitment, it is still important to be respectful, polite, and kind towards all of the sisters hosting you that evening. I left the row at 10:30 PM this night.

Tuesday 6pm – Bidcel 

WOO WOO! You have made it to the end of the week and now it’s time for fun! The way JMU did Bidcel might be a little different that other universities. All of the PNM’s (girls rushing) met in the main building on the quad, Wilson Hall. That is where we met our Rho Gamma’s and were given our BidCards. While this was going on, all off the sororities met on the Quad chanting, singing, decked out in glitter. In Wilson Hall once everyone received their BidCards, we were allowed to open them. In alphabetical order, each sorority was called to run out on the Quad to their new home. Alpha Delta Pi is first so (thankfully) I got to leave Wilson first! That night we took our BidCel photo, ate pizza, dance, and celebrated the new members.

As I said earlier, each sorority differs on how many chapters they have, what type of recruitment is held, and on the little details. This was just my experience and how JMU broke things down. This is the typical way that most campuses hold recruitment but at the end of the day there is going to be something different at each college! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below! I would love to hear from you! Be on the lookout for more recruitment and sorority related videos in the future!

Stay Preppy,


Let’s Talk Greek: All About Sororities

My number one requested post is to talk all about sororities. I completely get it. Sororities are so complicated and what makes things more difficult is that each one is different. I will say though, sororities aren’t for everyone and that’s completely okay. When going into recruitment here at JMU I was completely overwhelmed. It was really difficult for me to pick houses that I liked and then be rejected by them the next day. If we’re being honest, ADPi wasn’t my number one choice but now I can’t see myself anywhere else. It’s too true when I say that the process will work itself out for you. If you aren’t sure if a sorority is for you, I would highly suggest going through the recruitment process. If at any point you decide greek life just isn’t for you (which is totally okay) you simply just don’t have to show up the next day. For those who don’t know what sorority life entails I outlined it all below. If I missed something, be sure to leave me a comment below or shoot me an email! I would love to answer any additional questions!


The Cost:

Let’s first think about the cost of sororities. A lot of these will be in time, money, and commitment. To start, every chapter (pretty much across America) has a weekly chapter meeting. They are usually are held on Sundays and most last around an hour. These meetings go over all types of greek events on campus, internal sorority events and general announcements. If you are to miss a chapter you are fined a certain amount of money. My sorority charges $50 for every chapter meeting missed. Of course, if there is an emergency such as an illness, death of a loved one, a family event, or a specific schoolwork assignment you can talk to someone to be excused from chapter but you have to get those approved.

Each sorority also has fees. These fees include initiation, chapter retreats, food if you have events, and general chapter fees like house renovations. I’m not going to sugar coat it, fees are expensive. JMU has generally inexpensive fees compared to more southern schools. Some schools in the south are very Greek heavy schools and are known to charge around thousands per year. These schools usually have extra amenities such as a personal chef for each house.

Time Commitment: 

When it comes how much time is put into sororities, each one varies. For ADPi here at JMU, we aren’t too activity heavy but there definitely are commitments! As a member I have to attend a few fraternity philanthropy events, a few outside sorority philanthropy events (Kappa Alpha Theta, Tri Delta, Sigma Kappa etc…) and some Panhel events. I am also encouraged to participate in greek wide events. ADPi also requires all of the members to be involved in two other on campus events or committees and earn community service hours. If I don’t follow these rules I will not be allowed to attend formals.


Each sorority has it’s own list of events. These events range from philanthropy (charity) events to social events. First, let’s talk about philanthropy events. These change nationwide and throughout sororities. Each sorority has it’s own nationwide charity; Alpha Delta Pi’s charity is Ronald McDonald House Charities. Each year we hold two campus wide charity events: a barbecue and a baseball tournament. Each sister is required to be there participating and spreading the word.

As for social events each sorority differs. Some things are true to *most* sororities around the nation. Semi-formals and formals are held at most schools. These are basically nights where the girls get dressed up and have the option of taking dates. They are usually held somewhere off campus either at a fun winery barn or a bar if you’re on a campus located by a city. ADPi here has Mallard Ball, which is an ADPi tradition nationwide. Everyone gets dressed up in camo but has a great time dancing the night away with sisters. Some sororities have “mixers” as well. These are parties that are hosted by a fraternity and a sorority in a collaborative effort.

Most greek life across the country also has Greek Sing. This is an event where sororities compete against each other in song and dance for awards. People outside of the greek system don’t understand it but it’s more about strengthening your sisterhood and supporting your chapter. When fraternities compete in Greek Sing it’s the funniest thing!


One of my favorite things about being in a sorority is the sisterhood that comes with it. I know that I have 232 sisters that I can go to for help. When I’m in trouble on a Friday night and need a ride, someone will come and get me. When I need to study with someone there is always someone there for me. Whenever I want to get something to eat for dinner I can always call up a sister and ask. If I don’t end up calling a sister to study or great a bite to eat, there’s a great chance that I will see someone in the dining hall or in the library anyways. I also love that there is always an ADPi in my classes that I can sit with and that there are ADPi’s living in my dorm.

I also really enjoy having a big! Let me explain what big’s and little’s are in a sorority family. I understand, it can get really confusing! So, new recruits after a period of time will be assigned a “big”. A big is a sister, usually a pledge class above you that will answer any questions you have, be with you through initiation, and just be a friend. You can rank who you want as your big and they will rank who they want as a “little”. This big will have a big as well, and her a big, and so on. For example, my big is Sarah and her big is Cassie. So that makes Cassie my g-big (grand big). Think of daughter, mother, and grandmother relationship. Anyways, big/little reveal is so much fun! Not only do you get the opportunity to create amazing friendships within your sorority but you also get a basket full of free t-shirts and fun little goodies!  #freestuff


Like I mentioned earlier, each sorority has a national charity. ADPi’s is Ronald McDonald House Charities. Each Friday, a handful of sister travel down to the closest RMHC and volunteer for a few hours. We also raise money and host events (as talked about earlier) to help benefit the charity as well. I know Kappa Alpha Theta raises money for CASA, Tri-Delta raises money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Kappa Delta raises money for Girl Scouts. Each sorority is different and each has a different level of involvement but nevertheless, each sorority is somehow involved in philanthropy.


This was the thing that I was most scared about when going through recruitment. Here at James Madison, the entire campus is hazing free as are most campuses. This is the same for almost every campus nationwide. ADPi itself nationwide is hazing free. I have heard stories of greek organizations hazing member and those sororities are breaking the rules as set by Fraternity Sorority Life (FSL). My best advice is if you are hazed throughout the pledging process and you feel uncomfortable, please speak up. Each campus with Greek Life has an FSL office where you can voice your concerns. Also, if you are in a sorority that makes you feel uncomfortable, picks out your flaws, or makes you feel lesser of yourself than there is no business for you to be in that sorority. Those are not real friends and no matter that they say does not “make your bond stronger” if anything it leaves you with bad memories with the sorority.


Stay Preppy,






Alpha Delta Pi Family

I am having a blast being a sister of Alpha Delta Pi! I can say I wouldn’t have half of my friends this year without my sisters in ADPi. The other day, we all went out to the Quad to take some pictures of our chapter! I wore my KJP Cozy Cabin Flannel, favorite Gap jeans, and tan loafers! Below are just a few shots from the shoot from Sunday! Enjoy!








These next two pictures were of some sisters and I who were all in the same psychology class. We had study group and everything and this was our reaction when we saw we all got A’s on our final. We studied so hard for that final so we were super excited.



For all of those college girls who are debating whether or not to rush a sorority I would definitely say to give it a shot! I know that many schools host their open recruitment during the beginning of their second semester of college and many don’t know whether or not being in a sorority is right for them. I, to be quite honest, was unsure whether or not rushing was the move for me. Even after receiving a bid from Alpha Delta Pi this past September, I was still uncertain whether or not greek life was the perfect choice for me.
The first few weeks of being a new member (pledge) were scary for me, I had a difficult time putting myself out there and going to events. I was always busy in high school so I automatically didn’t go to any ADPi events that were optional. About two weeks after receiving my bid, I finally realized that I needed to dive head first into my sorority. If I had a spare moment of not studying, instead of sitting in my room watching Netflix, I would try to make relationships with my to-be sisters. I am so happy that I pushed past my comfort zone and made some friends in ADPi. I love being able to have a home on campus, have a group of girls so similar to me to hang out with, and have friends who are down for anything.
For those who might be asking if greek life is the right move for them, challenge yourself to push past your safe zone and put yourself out there! Finding a sorority that suits you seems impossible during recruitment, but you just need to trust the process and go with the flow. The system matches you with the correct house for you. Just be true to yourself, be chatty, and be ready for a great adventure with your sisters!
Stay Preppy,

My Rush Experience

After a long week of recruitment I am happy to say that I have been invited to join Alpha Delta Pi here at James Madison University! I’m really excited to be joining a group of instant friends who accept me for who I am. They are all so incredibly sweet and caring, I cannot wait to get to know them more!

I wanted to tell everyone about my rush experience because I thought that when you rush, you automatically just end up with the one that you thought you would fit in with the best. I thought that if you wanted them then there would be a mutual feeling and you wouldn’t get dropped by other houses….I was way wrong.


For the first two days of recruitment, all of the potential new members (PNM’s) went to every house on the row. This is called “open house round”. So, on Thursday and Friday of last week, I went to all twelve houses on the row and discovered that I really didn’t care for about half of them and really enjoyed half. After the second day of open house (Friday) you rank every house from one to twelve, hoping to be called back to your first nine for the second round, philanthropy round. Open house round is insane, I might add. You are carried down into a basement of girls and you are screaming in each others faces trying to answer questions about yourself. Honestly, it was exhausting and I ended up with no voice. If a house on your list dropped you, then every house below it would move up. On the other hand, houses could just drop you all together. There’s a possibility that you only get called back to five houses or maybe none at all.

I was lucky enough to be called back to nine houses, however these were not my top nine. After the first round, Alpha Phi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Tri-Sigma dropped me, making my bottom three move up by default. I had Alpha Phi ranked as my number one on the list so far, so I was so upset when they dropped me. I didn’t understand how I could want to be apart of something so much and have them dislike me so much that they would want to get rid of me in the first day. Granted, I only talked to them for 20 minutes but I was still upset.


Philanthropy round was my favorite one out of the four rounds. I love learning about the different charities that I could potentially work with. It makes me so happy to be able to help the community. During this day, all of the PNM’s watched a video learning about every houses philanthropy. Alpha Delta Pi is by far my favorite because they work with the Ronald McDonald House Charities. If you watch my Snapchat, you might have seen that this past summer Lilly Pulitzer worked really close with the RMHC here in Richmond!

When it come to the selection process, the ranking is the same but now you rank from nine houses to six. Again, if someone in your top six drops you then a house from your bottom three will end up moving up. ADPi definitely moved into my top three after this round because I loved their philanthropy so much. It was nice to see how inspired the girls are when they talk about it. After this round was over, my now number one, Theta, dropped me. I was crushed again. At this point I was so frustrated with everything I didn’t know if I wanted to continue on with the process.


I continued the next day to sisterhood round going into a definite top three out of the six that I was invited back to. Of these six, Alpha Delta Pi, Zeta, and Phi Mu were my top three. Sisterhood is just sharing the bonds of the sorority. Each one was different and unique to each chapter. After this round, the PNM’s had to make the decision from six down to two. One of my top three had dropped me, making the decision of narrowing three to two a little bit easier. However, it was still upsetting to be dropped by a group of girls that I really enjoyed talking to and who I thought liked me.

Pref night is the biggest night of the week. You are now down to two sororities who clearly want you. They have fought hard to get you and capture your interest and now it’s time to show that you want them just as badly as they want you. You dress up and go the the two houses for an hour, during this time and sisters from each house invite you to join in on a little ceremony that is special to them. Each ceremony is unique to each chapter. After going to both houses, you then rank the two houses one and two, based off of which ever one you enjoyed more. If your top choice gives you a bid, you get the top house. If your second house gives you a bid, you will get the second house. If both give you a bid, then you will get whichever house you ranked first, and if neither give you the bid then you unfortunately don’t get invited to any house.
Bidcel is the day that everyone goes crazy and dressed up because it’s also the day that you officially are invited to join one of the sororities! I was handed my bid card and automatically could tell that Alpha Delta Pi was where I was going. I could just tell, I was walking around my dorm all day long with the feeling that I was going to end up there. I’m so happy it did! After running out to the gals of ADPi, we all went back to the row and ate pizza, ice cream, took pictures and danced to music. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this chapter of Alpha Delta Pi!
I really wanted to share my story of recruitment with everyone because I ended up getting invited to an amazing house with kind girls even when I was continually dropped by what were my top 3 houses. Yes, I was so devastated because I didn’t understand the rejection. But let me tell you, the process is so worth it. Being apart of something so close as a sorority is so amazing, I cannot wait to learn more about and grow closer to my sisters. For all of those gals out there going through recruitment, know that rejection is apart of the process but you’ll end up where you are meant to be.
Stay Preppy,

Recruitment Pref Night Outfit

If you asked me a year ago if I was going to join a sorority in college, I would have answered a flat out no. I didn’t quite understand it, I never really got the point. I thought “I already have sisters, so why do I need more?”. Honestly, as I entered JMU I was still very iffy about the whole process.
As the first week of school progressed, I began to realize that I had nothing to do other than school and that I was starting to get homesick. In high school, I always joined clubs, mainly for the reason of padding my college applications and resume and now in college, already employed, I am realizing that I can do whatever I want…just because I want to.
The idea of a sorority really began to appeal to me when it finally sank in how I’m not living at home anymore. I noticed how all of my friends were all over the place and not close by and how my family was so far (minus my sis, Lisa, who does in fact live at JMU). I really was interested in trying new things, putting myself out there, and finding a group of friends who accepted me for who I really am. I also am very interested in philanthropy work, so what’s better than giving back to an organization than giving back with your friends. So, I signed up, paid the fee, and began recruitment. The process is so long and extremely tiring but throughout the week reasons for joining a sorority became even more present to me. Now my list for being apart of a sorority if so long and I couldn’t be happier.
On Monday night, I had pref night. It’s the night of recruitment where you are deciding between two sororities; the ones that have continually shown interest in you all week long. I really liked both of these sororities all week but one was slightly ahead of another, making a clear cut number one choice.  For this night, you want to look professional, put together, and formal! Enjoy!


My suite mates and I (minus one) all rushed! (L-R Me, Angela, Olivia)




Kiel James Patrick supplied all of the accessories for my outfit. Unfortunately, the monogrammed fox necklace is only available for Campus Foxhawk reps but you can purchase similar ones for 15% off with the code “jamesmadisonKJP”. The Castaway bracelet along with the rope ring are from KJP as well and the same code works on those items as well!
Stay Preppy,
This is my recruitment group, (group 33 woo woo) who hopefully all ended up with their first choice of houses! Special shoutout and huge thank you to our amazing Rho Gamma, Maddie, for helping us through the process! You’re amazing, ily!