Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals: 3/13

Lilly Pulitzer has been cranking new arrivals since last week. A few days ago, the company launched their Spring Break capsule collection and three words: Neri Crop Top 😍. They even invited some amazing influencers down to Palm Beach to premier the collection; Kate from Lonestar Southern has always been a role model of mine so it was great to see her pop up on Lilly’s feed. I would seriously love to do that one day! 

The Spring Break capsule is absolute perfection and featured the most gorgeous clothes and accessories. Y’all these accessories were to. die. for. Take a look and shop my favorite items from the Spring Break Sunseeker collection here!

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.41.27 PM.png

In addition to this gorgeous little Spring Break Sunseekers collection,Lilly released yet another installment of their spring collection and just like all of the other installments before, it is just as beautiful. I cannot wait to get back in the SP store and work during the summer and be surrounded again by all of the gorgeous clothes at Lilly Pulitzer! Here are some of the feature prints of the new collection.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.50.51 PM.png

Here are some of my favorite new items from the newest spring collection!! Shop everything below here! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.09.37 PM

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Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals 3/2

OH EM GEE. Have y’all seen the newest installment of the Lilly Pulitzer spring collection?! If you have, please take a moment to gush with me and if you haven’t stop what you’re doing and check them out here. All of these new items just make me want to escape to palm beach, spend some days tanning and live the #resort365 lifestyle.

This newest installment of the spring collection for Lilly Pulitzer is beyond beautiful and I for one cannot wait to get back to the Short Pump store and try everything on. This collection is starting to really feature those classic shift dresses that we all know and love such as the Gabby shift and the Mila shift. The Mila Shift is my personal favorite because of the classic silhouette and how simple it is. This new collection also has some great new and modern pieces such as the Ramona crop top set and the Lela pant.

This new collection also spotlights some gorgeous new prints. My favorite is Coco Loca. It’s a beautiful Toucan Green and white print depicting palm fronds – it’s so simple and yet so gorgeous. Here are the three main prints of this collection.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.21.51 AM.png

Here are some of my favorite items of the new collection. I can tell you, when I get back to work at the store I’ll be eyeing the Lela pant, the Jane Shift, the Isabeau Dress and the Allair Maxi. Everything is linked below, happy shopping!

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.13.30 AM.png

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Leave me a comment what your favorite item of the new Lilly is! 

Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals: Spring + Try On

Lilly Pulitzer just launched the second collection of this years spring line and it’s probably me favorite release that Lilly has created since early last summer. The colors and prints are so amazing and the collection has such a modern flair to it. On the other hand, the collection also gives a nod to old classic Lilly by tying in a few classic silhouettes.

I am home for the weekend and yesterday, I stopped by Lilly Pulitzer to say hey to all of my co-workers and get my hands on a few items! Not only is this collection of Lilly Pulitzer so cute, but so comfortable! Here are a few of my favorite things as well as a few pictures from the store! These 6 prints below are most of the prints for the new collection, my favorite one which is sadly not on the print page on the website is Lilac Verbena Fruity Monkey. It’s a beautiful lilac, orange, and ice blue print. You can shop everything below!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 7.27.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 12.37.44 PM.png

While at the store, I tried on both items from the first and the second collection of the Spring Line. I already know of three things I am 100% purchasing once I get back to work on a regular basis in the summertime. I was so pumped to walk in the store and see short sleeves and no longer see cashmere everywhere. I love the Lilly Pulitzer cashmere pieces but I am ready for something new!! Here are pictures of the items I tried on at Lilly yesterday!



One of my co-workers, Justine, made me try on the Miri Silk Caftan and I told her that all caftans look awful on me. I reluctantly put it on and fell instantly in love. The front is form fitting and but that back is all one panel of fabric and makes you look like you’re wearing a cape — it’s pretty cool. It looks amazing styled with the new gladiators at the store too!


The Jane Shift was a fall/resort release back in August and it was only sold in navy. As much as I love navy, I want to purchase printed shifts from Lilly over solids. I was so excited to see that Lilly released it again for the Spring collection but in this gorgeous print, Canopy Chaos. The fabric is so light and airy but looks so form fitting. Also, how can you resist that neckline?


This was hands down my favorite look I tried on. This is the Bailey Silk midi dress in Purrfect. The Bailey shirt has been around for years and this year, the creators took the top and made it into the most adorable and comfortable midi dress. This dress is 100% silk making it a little more on the pricey side but it’s so worth the money! The back is a little longer than the front but the rounded hem adds such a fun and flirty look to the dress. I also love the high slits in the sides for some breezy airflow in the summertime. The dress looks amazing in paired with the tassel gladiator sandals.


Finally, let’s talk about the Neri Crop Top & Shorts Set. This is the most adorable set that I think Lilly has ever made. The print for one, is to die for and when you put it on the greatest set ever, you can’t go wrong. The shorts are high waisted but are very stretchy and comfortable. The bottom of the shorts ruffles out making it that much cuter. The top is also extremely comfortable and is flush right with your back and midriff. Also, the top is darted in the most flattering place as well, Lilly definitely knows how to make a crop top piece look great!

 Lilly Pulitzer Ruari Crop Top & Maxi Skirt Set • Lilly Pulitzer • $228

Lilly Pulitzer Achelle Swing Dress • Lilly Pulitzer • $188

Lilly Pulitzer Bailey Midi Dress • Lilly Pulitzer • $218

Lilly Pulitzer Nicki Skort • Lilly Pulitzer • $88

Lilly Pulitzer 5 Katia Short • Lilly Pulitzer • $68

Lilly Pulitzer Delfina Maxi Wrap Dress • Lilly Pulitzer • $198

Lilly Pulitzer Donna Shift Romper • Lilly Pulitzer • $178

Lilly Pulitzer Tiki Wrap Romper • Lilly Pulitzer • $178

Lilly Pulitzer Miri Silk Caftan • Lilly Pulitzer • $278

Lilly Pulitzer Adira Stretch Silk Off The Shoulder Dress • Lilly Pulitzer • $198

Lilly Pulitzer Neri Crop Top & Short Set • Lilly Pulitzer • $168

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New Obsessions No.2

I was so pleased with how much everyone enjoyed my obsessions post from last week. If you missed it, you can read it here! I used to do them way back then in the beginning of DDoP and I never really liked how I formatted them and so I tinkered with formatting for a while and I really love the way today’s turned out. I definitely did take a little inspiration from Lonestar Southern (because let’s face it, she’s the cutest) and I need to give credit where credit is due!! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 1.03.29 PM.png

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Blue Tops for Upcoming Spring

I’m officially over winter. Been there, done that with layering and boot socks (as much as I love them) and am so ready to move onto shorter sleeves and sandals. If anything, I just want to shed my winter puffy coat!! I’m already on the lookout for great items to put into my Spring wardrobe and I’m hooked on classic blue and white tops. They look great with almost any pair of shorts, jeans, white jeans, and even skirts. I really think that you can’t go wrong with powder blue shirt, seriously they never go out of style.

I found these great blue and white tops from all over the internet! Some are as inexpensive as $17.99! You can click the pictures below and the links to shop right from the blog post!


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New to Old Navy

It’s that time if year when Old Navy releases their first Spring/Summer collection and this year is so gorgeous. I showed a sneak peek on Instagram Stories yesterday and I wanted to share all of my favorites with everyone today.

This year Old Navy is very nautical. It is clear that they are sticking to an anchors away style with all of the stripes, rope criss-cross ties, and easy breezy silhouettes. Old Navy though is never too far away from chasing trends as well. There are some fun little peplum pieces as well as a few really great off the shoulder items. Not to mention so out of this world their bathing suits are! They are so great that a lot of styles are already low in sizes and some completely sold out. Shop everything below!

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.05.35 PM.png

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Relaxed Lace-Up Tee for Women • Old Navy • $18–19.94

Striped Lace-Front Swing Dress for Women • Old Navy • $27

Ruffled One-Shoulder Swimsuit for Women • Old Navy • $39.94

Ruffled Off-Shoulder Swimsuit for Women • Old Navy • $42.94

Lace-Back Cropped Bikini Top for Women • Old Navy • $24.94

Relaxed Peplum-Hem Tank for Women • Old Navy • $16.94

Twill Field Jacket for Women • Old Navy • $44.94

Sueded Gladiator Heeled Sandals for Women • Old Navy • $36.94

Sueded Ghillie Lace-Up Flats for Women • Old Navy • $29.94

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Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

Lilly Pulitzer just launched a new installment of the winter resort collection and I am beyond thrilled about it! The main color scheme for this new collection is a light pink and blue combo with a hint of white yellow mixed in and I am all for it! I am loving how fun and flirty these pieces are and cannot wait to head back to Richmond to try (& hopefully buy) them!

I am obsessing over the new silhouettes along with the fact that they’re slowing transitioning away from cashmere and into lighter items such as swing dresses and shorts! I’ve missed the 4′ Adie Short so much! Also, can we talk about the Carlita Set for a second? The fitted top with the cropped sleeves are way too cute for words and the flair skirt is so feminine and fun! I love sets like this because you can really pair them a lot of different ways. You can style the skirt with a white Elsa top or an Essie. You can also flip it around and pair the top with a pair of white or navy Buttercup Shorts! The possibilities are great with the Lilly sets! Everything is linked below for your shopping pleasures!


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Lilly Pulitzer Marquette Ombre Lace Shift Dress • Lilly Pulitzer • $168

Lilly Pulitzer Carlita Set • Lilly Pulitzer • $168

Lilly Pulitzer Weekender Leggings • Lilly Pulitzer • $98

Lilly Pulitzer Tilla Tunic Dress • Lilly Pulitzer • $98

Lilly Pulitzer Lana Off The Shoulder Romper • Lilly Pulitzer • $128

Lilly Pulitzer 4 Adie Short • Lilly Pulitzer • $68

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