Off to the Races with Lauren James

I spent yesterday at the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville, Virginia. Foxfield is a horse race that occurs at the end of each April. Nearly 100,000 people attend and companies such as Country Club Prep, Vineyard Vines, and Lauren James sponsor the event. This year Lauren James, being the amazing company that they are, sent me to Foxfield with tickets and a dress so I could share the Foxfield experience with all of you. While there, I met up with some old friends, talked to a few companies I had previously worked with, interacted with some readers, and caught a pretty nasty sunburn (see Twitter @dailydoseprep).

All in all, it was a fabulous day. With the sun high in the sky and 94 degrees blazing down on everyone, we still managed to have a great day. Lauren James let me pick out a dress from their website and I couldn’t help but think of seersucker when I think of a derby. I ended up choosing the Emerson dress in mint green seersucker. Not only is this dress the cutest thing I have ever seen, but it also has deep pockets perfect for keeping my phone and ID.

I seriously cannot get over how extremely generous the Lauren James team was. I mean they really treated me with such kindness and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for them. The fact that I get to spend my weekends collaborating with such outstanding companies is crazy to me. I started this blog as a risk, something to take me out of my comfort zone but also to help ease my mind during a stressful time during my junior year of high school. I’m still kind of amazed Daily Dose of Prep has turned out to be so influential to people.  I’m eternally blessed to be able to call this a job and all of this wouldn’t be possible without the continual support of readers, followers, companies, family, and friends. Thank y’all for supporting Daily Dose of Prep enough for me to do such memorable things like yesterday!  Enjoy the photos and please visit Lauren James’ website here to shop and follow them here on Instagram!

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Thank you, Lauren James, for sponsoring this post! 


T-Shirts for Every Prep

I really love dressing up but I do love to be casual and just wear a t-shirt. I really love to wear a pair of leggings, an oversized short sleeve tee and a pair of hunters or wear some boot cut jeans, a longsleeve and my bean boots. It’s still cute but really really comfortable. You’ll notice that I really love white tee’s because they match any pair of Norts, any vest or any pair of chino shorts. Here are some of my favorite tee-shirts and where to buy them!

I couldn’t find the Southern Proper Tailgate Tee anywhere but I found a shirt similar! Also, the Lauren James Tee is on sale for $25.99! Finally I wanted to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to my cousin Nan, who reads the blog every single day!! Love you Nancy 🙂
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Current Obsessions

Hey y’all! After my first week of school, I have been loving a bunch of stuff lately so I thought that I would share these new obsessions with you!

1. Project Runway
I watched Project Runway as a middle schooler with my mom. I really had a small dream of becoming a fashion designer so I loved this show. I stopped watching it for a few years but when I went on Hulu and saw that they offered all of the seasons there I started rewatching. It was a good idea. Im starting back on season 8 and working to the current season.
2. Lauren James
I always knew of Lauren James’ clothing and tees. I was wondering around the mall by myself one day and jumped into a store for AC and saw they sold LJ tees. It was so cute and so comfy I had to buy it despite the fact that it’s an XL…oops!

3. Jack Johnson
You guys saw on my playlist that Jack Johnson is one of my favorite artists right now. I like his down-to-earth songs, his singing style and his strumming when my plays guitar. Banana Pancakes is playing on repeat for me all this weekend!

4. Preppy Inspiration Board
Recently I’ve been collecting fun photos, cute background images, stickers, Lilly patterned paper and clothing tags so I can make a preppy inspiration board. I had a decent sized bulletin board on my desk that didn’t get much use so I decided to pull all of my fun things and put them on the board. I mixed some of my favorite brands with personal photos that matched the color scheme. I really love the way it looks and it was really easy to put together!

(Not my image but mine is similar)

5. Bourbon and Bowtie Knockoffs
Yes. Knockoffs– they’re honestly great. I love B&B bracelets but they’re so expensive! A lot of Etsy stores and websites make look-a-likes for a third of the price. Sometimes, you can even buy sets of them for cheaper than one. I love AE Jewelry Designs because not only can you get exactly what you want for a great price, but you can even use my coupon code “lucy10” for 10% off your entire purchase! The link to her store is in the right column!

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Blogger Tag

A few days ago I was tagged on Instagram by @imapreppygirl to do the blogger tag so here I am filling out the tag for y’all! I first want to apologize for not posting as often as normal, I recently started school back up and I’ve been consumed with homework and working at the ice cream shop after school! I will be (trying my very very best) to post every other day or three times a week. For more frequent updates, follow me on Instagram @dailydoseof_prep so see outfit of the day’s, giveaways, and other really cool photos! Let’s get into the tag!

1. What is your definition of a good blogger?
– A good blogger is someone who loves what they do. I really really like being able to just sit down and talk about my day or some of my favorite things at the moment. A good blogger is someone that blogs for the pure enjoyment and entertainment that it brings them as well, the perks are a bonus but writing and seeing someone share a photo or comment that they love my blog is what really makes me happy!

2. Why did you start blogging?
– If you’re a regular here, you might have read my “Why I started this blog” post which explained all of my medical and school issues last year. Long story short, I started this is a stress reliever and something that I could have complete control over!

3. Who are your top 3-5 favorite bloggers!
– I really really love Carly from The College Prepster! She has a very VERY famous and successful fashion and lifestyle blog. She updates it every day and her style is impeccable! I’ve been reading her blog for at least four years! I also really like Kate from Alone Star State of Southern. She updates pretty much once a week but puts on some beautiful photo shoots for her blog. She also makes great YouTube videos.

4. Who is your blogger best friend?
– My blogger bff is Delaney from @imapreppygirl on Instagram (she also has a blog!). We both followed each others Instagram’s and then we started messaging and then realized that we live about 15 minutes from each other! We went shopping together and even hosted a giveaway together! She’s really kind and very very sweet, I recommend checking out her blog!

This is Delaney and I out at the Kate Spade store!
5. What are some things you wish you knew before you started blogging?
– I wish I knew a few things before I started blogging 1) it’s addicting 2) It’s a lot of hard work. Making sure your content is fresh but still interesting and making sure that I stay on top of all of my posts! 
6. What is your favorite color combination?
– Navy with anything! Navy and pink, navy and green, navy and yellow!
7. Planner or Notebook?
– PLANNER! I love my Erin Condren Life Planner! It’s so colorful and fun along with functional! The Lilly Pulitzer agendas are also really great.
8. Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade school supplies?
– I love the classy and chic look that Kate Spade brings to the table but I think because school can sometimes get boring I think that Lilly is a little more fun for those school days!
9. Hunter Rainboots or Bean Boots?
– Bean Boots are awesome because they are so warm and cozy but I can style my Hunters with anything for any season so I have to go with my Hunters! 
10. Favorite Quote or Bible Verse?
– I have a few and they are … 1) “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21 2) She is quick and curious and playful and strong -Kate Spade 3) Anything from Blair Waldorf haha 
11. Seersucker or polka dots? 
– seersucker!!!
12. What is your favorite t-shirt company?
– I love Vineyard Vines but I’ve really been into Lauren James (especially the Lovely State and Collegiate collections) and Thirty A Threads. Thirty A Threads is a new shirt company from Florida, they have such class and grace and let me tell you why. Last Friday was September 11th, Thirty A Threads holds a twitter giveaway every Friday. Because of 9/11 they tweeted that out of respect that they would postpone all promotion and giveaways until 9/12. They felt it wasn’t right to disregard the importance of the day with a giveaway. What a class act? I messaged them telling them they have my full business because nobody else anywhere that I saw did that!
13. What is your favorite monogramming company?
– Alli Monograms! This company is based out of North Carolina and run by such a unique and lovely young woman! She has shirts, decals, cups, key chains and iron-ons! Everything is really reasonably priced as well. PS she just got a shipment of quarter zips!!!!
14. What are your favorite editing apps for pictures?
– Afterlight on the App Store!! 
15. Which company has the best stickers?
– Vineyard Vines by far! They have personal stickers for each store and each season and every season is different! They also give them out for free at stores! I also really like Chaco stickers and LL Bean stickers because they have the Bean Boot on them!
Thank y’all for sticking with me this past week, I tag all of you to do this tag and I also tag @prepforaday @nc_prepsters @ootdbylindy and @thescpreps . Stick around for more posts and giveaway announcements!!! One last thank you to Delaney from @imapreppygirl for nominating me! 
Stay Preppy,