My Favorite & Least Favorite Things About College

Whenever I go on Instagram and have a live story, people always ask me what my favorite and least favorite thing about college is. At first, I thought it was a silly question, like I’m just carrying on with daily life like always. But then after thinking more about it, I realized that college is a completely different atmosphere. Especially at JMU where it’s a campus in the middle of nowhere, it’s an entire different world. College can be a scary and extremely intimidating thing, even more so when you don’t know too much about living at college.

Today, I want to share my top 5 favorite and least favorite things about college and explain a little bit about why. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email!!

5 Favorite Things About College 

  1. Freedom — after the sadness of leaving home and your family subsides, the freedom of college starts to kick in and it’s an amazing feeling. You can study when you want, eat whenever you want, and honestly live life exactly as you want to. I mean you could go to parties on a Thursday night and literally nobody would care! It’s amazing. The point is, that you decided exactly what you want and how you want to do things. It’s important to be able to recognize this which is why freedom is so amazing.
  2. So many people — when going to college with 5,000 to even 20,000 people, you realize how unique everybody is. You will meet so many great people it college and there is surely a group for you. With the amount of people at school, you will find your group of friends and your home.
  3. Setting your own schedule — At college you set your own schedule. Yes, there will most likely be a list of certain subjects that you will have to take. At JMU, these are called general education courses. I have to take a science, a math, and an arts class to name a few but I am allowed to choose from any subject of math or any subject of science if I want. It’s just nice to take classes that you are actually interested in.
  4. Dorm Living — Everyone should get the experience to live in a dorm room. It’s a life changing experience. It’s not easy to live with a stranger for 8 months out of the year but it’s a real eye opener to other people around you. First, if you end up living on a great hall or in a great suite (like I did), it will feel like a year long sleepover. Dorm living will teach you things like respect, kindness, and compassion. Seriously y’all, my roommate, Jess, is the best! She really was a fantastic person to live with and just a great person all around. Living in a dorm is a great experience though and everybody should appreciate their time in a dorm room!
  5. Feeling like an adult — Towards the end of last summer, I was dying to get out of the house. I was super sad to leave my family and friends and I was also very afraid but I felt like it was just time to leave. I felt very ready and prepared to take on the real world (well, sort of the real world). Everything was on me in college. From setting a schedule, making and getting food, doing laundry, solving my problems… everything was my responsibility. It was nice to be treated like an adult from professors and from those around me. It gave me the boost of confidence and a little reassurance that I can handle life after school.

5 Least Favorite Things About College

  1. Lack of Privacy — When you’re a freshman in college the idea of privacy is stripped away from you. Sharing a dorm room with another person takes privacy away from you but sharing a bathroom with your hall also takes that option away from you as well. There were a few days where I just needed a good cry or needed to scream and I couldn’t really because there was no place for me to go and do that. My roommate was awesome and one time I walked in just totally a wreck and she knew I just needed a second alone and left which was so courteous and nice of her. The only place I could go to have a moment alone was my car and most freshman don’t have that.
  2. The food — The food at JMU is actually really good but after a while it gets old and it’s sometimes tough to make your own food and it’s not really feasible to be buying food. Also, during the winter I hated walking to go and get food. I know it sounds SO lazy but when you aren’t used to putting on Bean Boots and a puffy coat to get dinner from the kitchen you can see how it’s sometimes a little annoying. My dorm wasn’t too close to many food places either so it was a walk sometimes.
  3. Being away from my family — I was really homesick my first three months of college. Sometimes I just needed a hug from my mom or a funny joke from my dad to get me though the day and it wasn’t there for me when I got home from class. Calling home is always helpful but nothing beats being home. But there’s no way around it, you just have to suck it up and deal with it. It was nice being close enough to go home when I wanted to though.
  4. Tenured professors — I saw a big difference between tenured professors and professors that were not tenured. The work ethic between most was very different. I had a truly awful calculus professor last semester who was tenured and could barely hear, speak, and see but because he was tenured there was really nothing I could do about it. Again, it’s one of those things that you can’t control and just have to deal with. One of those life lessons that teaches you how to be patient and adopt hard work.
  5. Crowded library — Loved going to the library in the beginning of the year but once work stared picking up in the classroom more and more people came and it was tough to sometimes get a table. Throughout the year, I began to discover a few secret little studying spots which ended up being amazing but the crowded library (especially the last two weeks of the semester) was never one of my favorite things.

Stay Preppy,



Goodbye Freshman Year

Today I take my very last final and pack up and move out of my freshman dorm room. It’s so crazy how I’m already a fourth of the way through college and that the year is coming to a close. Sophomore year, here I come! Although I did have a really hard time adjusting to college itself, I had a blast at JMU. I experienced so many great things and met so many outstanding people and without them, my year wouldn’t have been half as great as it was.

Freshman year is a hard adjustment for anyone and I was no exception. I started off living in a completely different dorm than I do now, for starters. I moved out of the Village in November and into a Bluestone dorm. It couldn’t have been a better decision. Not only did I live with a fantastic roommate but I also lived on a floor full of the most energetic, unique, and charismatic girls you could ever meet. They were all so welcoming when I moved in late last semester and it’ll be so strange not seeing them everyday!


I also started off the year in a completely opposite field of study than what I am in now. In the fall I was studying math and education, and as much as I still love and respect both of those fields of study so much, I decided that communications and public relations was much more fitting. Next semester, I will start on my comm journey by taking a few intro courses and then I will apply to my major in the winter. I’m hoping these classes will start me off on a journey towards my dream job, being a director of PR for a big fashion brand. I hope to one day live in a big city like Chicago or New York (at least for a few years).

In September, I also joined Alpha Delta Pi. I was really nervous about joining a sorority and honestly, I almost didn’t. I didn’t know if I would find the perfect one for me or if it would all be worth it. I’m so happy to decided to go through with recruitment because it not only took me out of my comfort zone but also introduced me to 230 wonderful ladies! This year ADPi raised money for Ronald McDonald House by selling pizza, playing baseball, and flag football. We also had fun parties such as christmas cocktail, formal, Mallard Ball, Black Diamond Ball, and re-live New Year’s. To a few of those, I did debut the glitter pants that I love so much!We attended philanthropy events for the Panhellenic community as well.  We went to the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, the Charlottesville Ronald McDonald House and Massanutten together too. I met my best friends through this sisterhood and leaving them for 4 months is just about the saddest thing I can think of.

Throughout the year, blogging really was taken to the next level. I *tried to* blog everyday and for the most part succeeded minus and handful of days here and there when school got too crazy. I worked with so many companies this year — Scout by Bungalow, ASOS, KJP, Leigh Deux, Carolina Dandy, Suave, Panera Bread, and Lauren James to name a few. I reformatted the blog this past January and am looking forward to expanding my coding and CSS knowledge this summer. I have so many great photo ideas and am planning to take pictures one to two times a week this summer to bring everyone a lot of content. Throughout the year I also shared a lot of InstaLives. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them so I will most definitely continue to go live this summer.

As for next year, I will be returning to James Madison University in the fall and am honestly super excited to come back. I came to JMU with a clouded mindset with the intention of transferring. I have decided to come back in 4 months. I debated on living in the sorority house next year but am partial to a little privacy so decided against it. I will be living in an apartment with one of my ADPi sisters and two of her friends. Don’t worry, I already have a Pinterest board started full of apartment ideas! I’m looking forward to expanding my circle of friends this fall by joining a few clubs and maybe the entrepreneur fraternity (I’m not quite sure about that one yet). I have already decided to attend more football games in the fall and am challenging myself to try to expand my comfort zone a little further than I did this year.

This summer I am going to really do things for me and take the next few months to be a little selfish. I will be working at Lilly Pulitzer again this summer, I return to the store on Tuesday! I picked up a second job waitressing at a restaurant in Richmond as well to help me save for utilities and groceries for my apartment. I am ready for a good long break to help me recollect my thoughts, write lots of blog posts, take tons of pictures, and ride a few waves at the beach. Trust me though, this summer is going to be a great one both on Daily Dose of Prep and in my personal life. I can’t wait to share these fun upcoming months with everyone! Thank you all for your emails, messages, comments, and likes throughout the school year — seriously your support means everything to me! Here’s to a great summer!

Stay Preppy,


Finals Week as Told by Michael Scott

It’s finally finals week. I have been studying since last Friday and for the next four days I will probably get little to no sleep and will most likely wear the same thing every single day. This semester was much more difficult than last semester because I took some really challenging professors.

Today I turned in two final paper, tomorrow I till take my religion final, on Monday I will take 3D calculus and French and on Tuesday I will wrap up with philosophy. It’s been a stressful few days all across college campuses and I’m pretty sure I can sum up everyone’s feelings with a few Michael Scott gifs. Enjoy.

When your teacher says your final is cumulative and there’s supplement notes online you need to know as well. 


This actually is happening to me currently haha. One of my professors taught us everything we needed to know for the final and I expected it to be cumulative but when she said as we were walking out that there were additional notes online that will be on the final too everyone started panicking!

When at the last minute, your professor assigns extra credit assignments.


We all have that one professor who assigns extra credit at the end of the semester…that professor is my favorite person alive.

When you think you’re finished studying and find a whole other set of notes that you forgot about.


We’ve all been there when it comes to studying for an exam. Just as you cram the last piece of information in your head and you think you can go to sleep you find another section of notes you totally forgot about. Maybe your subconscious purposefully pushed it out of your mind or maybe it was crammed into a desk drawer…either way you need it for the exam.

When you look at the final and at first glance you think you have it in the bag and then as you read the questions you realize you have absolutely no clue what it’s talking about. 


Praying this doesn’t happen to me and that I prepared enough haha.

When you have a final paper due instead of a final exam.


You look at your outline hope for the best. Honestly, it usually ends up working and turns out to be a great paper but those first 50 words really dissuade you from thinking otherwise.

When you learn how much your final counts towards your semester grade. 


Professor: “okay students, this test will be counted for 50% of your final grade…”

*face palm*

When you studied the entire subject forwards and backwards and your confidence level is through the roof. 


Honestly, greatest feeling in the entire world.

When it’s all said and done. 


Once you turn in that last test and start to pack up your dorm room to go home for the summer you then you realize you don’t have to take another test for four months.

Who else is starting their finals week?? If so, GOOD LUCK! 

Stay Preppy,


College Update: Take that Leap of Faith

I always like to update everyone on how college is going and readers seem to really enjoy it so I’m back today with another college update!

FullSizeRender 107

You all know how college has been this year. At first I wasn’t too into it, but now I really love it! Well, now I love it even more because I finally decided on a major. I was previously majoring in Math with a concentration in secondary education. For practically my entire life I wanted to be a teacher. I interned in high school for two years as a teacher’s aid and I just always grew up loving to help others, kids especially. Throughout high school I fell in love with math. I found everything about it really fascinating. As a senior in high school, I applied to for a teaching scholarship for a math. The prize was a guaranteed teaching job right out of college as well as a $5000.00 signing bonus — I mean you can’t get any better than that.

As college came, I was excited to dive into math but in the back of my mind I always knew I would struggle. I knew I could do it but I knew it was going to take a lot. I was always the student in high school who went to a tutor outside of school to help me grasp the material a little better. Well, in college they don’t necessarily have that. You can to somewhere to ask for help but the tutors aren’t supposed to teach you the material like a traditional tutor does. As I went further and further into my major I realized although I love math and analytics and everything like that, I slowly became away to me that math wasn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I then had to ask myself, “what exactly do you want to do with your life?”. And let me tell you, that’s not particularly an easy question to answer.

As I thought about it, I realized that I wanted to be apart of the business world. I didn’t want to be stuck in a textbook and teaching the same lectures for years to come. I wanted to be on business meetings, lead teams, live in a big city, and travel for work. I want to see the world, I want to continue Daily Dose of Prep, and I want to be a force to be reckoned with. In some aspects, teaching could bring me those things and in others, my dreams weren’t really fitting into my current path. So I started researching.

At first, I though the business school was my path. I wanted to major in marketing and that would be that. After more research and a few talks with my sister, Leslie, a few friends, and my Dad (Mr. Business Man) it was clear that if I wanted to apply to the college of business I would be 3 semesters behind and an additional $15,000 in debt. That was not an option. I need another route…I needed to find something I was passionate about and something that I was going to stick with. I wanted something I could see myself doing and something that I can see myself enjoying. After more talks with my sister, Dad, and friends I decided that communication/media studies would be a good fit for me. I then needed to figure out what it was that I wanted to do with that major. I was still contemplating so I went further into the major and saw that there are a handful of concentrations and minors within the field. Public Relations immediately stuck out to me.

Public Relations is when someone creates a favorable image of a company, brand, or person to convey to the public. I mean, HELLO! I do that already for not only myself but also for the dozens of companies that I have represented on Daily Dose of Prep! There isn’t a major more fit for me. To top it all off, I already have completed a few courses on the major and am right on track for graduation. I don’t have to stay an extra semester, take May-mesters (summer classes), class at community college, or a J-Term (January class) to catch up. I am right on track.

I was honestly freaking out a little bit last week during enrollment. I had literally no plan and no clue of what I wanted to do. I was very lost and had to just start somewhere which can be really hard to do when you don’t know where to push off from. I stopped in the middle of a panic attack and closed my laptop, closed my eyes, folded my hands and prayed. I asked God to please just show me a path; to show me a way of where to go. It didn’t have to be business or math or teaching, it could be something totally random, but I just needed His help to show me a way to go. Like always, the Lord showed me where to go and what to do. He presented me with a “plan c”, something totally and completely unexpected but something so absolutely perfect.

The security of a guaranteed job after college along with a few thousand dollars to get me started was so nice. I mean I was set for practically life with an offer like that. In a world where math teachers, especially female math teachers was so demanding I was golden. I struggled with being able to let go of the comfort of that but being able to take this leap of faith into something to new and unexpected is exciting. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling next semester with my new major and start walking down my new path. I finally feel like things are as they should be in college. I have a great group of friends, I am a part of a fantastic organization of girls, and I now am heading towards a great future studying a fascinating major. I have high hopes for this new installment of college. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Stay Preppy,


An Open Letter to My Sorority Sisters…


To the Girls in Theta Omicron of ADPi,

It’s been a pretty crazy year for me. I mean, moving to college away from family and my best friends was tough for me — a lot tougher than I had anticipated. I felt very lost my first semester, the combination of not feeling fully at home here at JMU and not having too many friends yet made me feel very self conscious and just all out of sorts. Even throughout recruitment, I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find a home here.

That all changed the night I received my Bid Card from Alpha Delta Pi. That night, not knowing any of my new sisters, I met my very best friends. Who knew that going up to someone and saying “I literally know nobody here” would land you two of the greatest girls at school. Even after joining ADPi, and eventually finding a great spot here, college still brought the many ups and downs that it tends to. Long papers, roommate struggles, stress, new semesters, and more ADPi was there through it all. The one constant in the mix. If I didn’t have Alpha Delta Pi, I would have been absolutely miserable my first semester here. I was so lost on the basis of my major and of a friend group and without y’all I would probably still be in limbo.

All I wanted when I joined was a great place to call home and a great organization to be apart of, although the other sororities on campus are all great, I can’t see myself anywhere other than ADPi. Who knew that when I accepted my Bid Card and was initiated that I was joining a group of girls that would stay up until 1am with to watch the World Series, find a group of girls to come bring me ice cream when I’m having a bad day,  or find group of girls who will always help me with whatever I need whenever I need a hand. I will admit, in the past I made fun of sororities. I didn’t understand the idea of it. I now realize that it’s one of those things where you don’t understand the power of it until you’re apart of it.

I’m excited to continue my journey with ADPi for the rest of my collegiate career as well as for the rest of my life. I’m excited to stick my pin to my bouquet at my wedding and I’m looking forward to spontaneously meeting sisters from across the country when I wear letters. I’m gearing up for next year and am excited for the many laughs, late nights, Bachelor Monday’s, and other exciting things that being an ADPi brings. I also can’t wait to live in the house with my best friends next year!! Thank every ADPi out there for being a great friend and sister — you embody sorority in ever sense of the word! Diamonds are forever and so is our bond!

Peace and Pi Love,


Life Update: March

March has been so crazy. Since returning to school the second week of March from spring break, I have been so busy. It’s grind time at JMU as we close out the school year. I wanted to come on DDoP and share what I’ve been up to!


School has been great! I’ve really been putting in the extra hours for school trying to keep the GPA up! I am ready for some of my classes to be over (aka Philosophy). As interesting as it is, it’s so confusing and extremely hard for me to understand. As much as I study for it, I can’t seem to grasp the concept. We finished school in four and a half weeks so I’m literally counting down the days until summer. Summer begins on May 3rd and I am so excited!! I’m ready to not be at college anymore. It’s been a tough year adjustment wise honestly. Between the roommate situation in the beginning of the year, my hesitations about Alpha Delta Pi at the beginning of the semester and my contemplations over my major the past few months I am so just ready to be home. As for my major, I am still contemplating changing it. It makes me so sad to potentially abandon my endeavors to become a teacher but I feel as though another path is calling me more! We’ll see though!


I’m still head over heels for Alpha Delta Pi. My sorority is full of the most genuine and most caring girls I have ever met. I can say that there isn’t a single girl that I don’t get along with and appreciate. Right now we are rehearsing for Greek Sing which is in just a week and a half! I am super excited for Greek Sing but our theme and music is a secret! Y’all will see pictures soon though! We are working on our Spring philanthropy event and this year we added a third philanthropy event this year. ADPizza was an unlimited pizza buffet for $5 and all of the proceeds went to Ronald McDonald House, our national philanthropy. It ended up being a huge success, so much so that we ended up shutting down a pizza place for the night! We also had our formal last week and it was so fun! Black Diamond Ball was absolutely amazing and I had such a great time with my friends. No, I did not bring a date and honestly I wanted it that way. I didn’t want to have to keep up with anybody or feel like I was responsible to anybody but myself. It was great just being able to spend time with my sisters!



March was a bad month for Daily Dose of Prep I thought. I missed more days more than I would have liked to. I only give myself two days a month to miss posts just because I feel like when I slack off, I’m not doing my job! I missed six posts — for that I am so sorry y’all!! I felt so bad, especially the last week. That  was when I missed the most posts, four to be exact. I also didn’t take too many pictures for outfit posts and I felt like I did a horrible job bringing fashion to the blog this past month. Again, I am so sorry! I want to make sure that I never feel like this again. I will say though that throughout the past month, I established a lot of fun collaborations for the upcoming month. These include Rufus & Royce, Lauren James, Palm Beach Sandals, Daniel Wellington, West End Monogram, Panera Bread, and Carolina Dandy! I am pumped that it’s officially Spring though so now I can post only Spring fashion!!! I went out and took photos yesterday and I’m so excited to share them with everyone!


As for work, once summer rolls around at the beginning of May, I plan on heading back to Lilly Pulitzer to work for the summer. I am dying to go back to Lilly and work! I miss it so much!! The summer is always so fun because the mall is more populated and selling resort wear in Summer is always such a blast. I miss all of my coworkers too. We all get along and make such a great team. I do plan on getting a second job waitressing to help bring in a little extra cash this summer. I realized that the money I saved up last summer wasn’t near enough to get me through the school year when I didn’t have a job. I did have a handful of sponsored posts and my commission checks from KJP to get me through some months but I wish I saved more last year. The money I saved ran out around January and by March I found myself sober driving (which is very unsafe) just to make $50 so I could get sorority tees or food with my friends. I hate asking my Dad for money because he already pays for my books and helps out with my sorority so asking him for additional money seems so unfair, so I try to avoid it at all costs.


Personally, I’m feeling pretty good. I am trying to be accepted into something very special and have been working towards it for a while and soon I will hear back if things will pan out. I know, I’m literally the worst for not sharing any more details but I don’t want to put the cart before the horse by sharing additional details. If things do work out, y’all will know as soon as I am allowed to share! Summer is starting to creep up and I’m starting to realize that I’m going to have to leave my friends for four months. Luckily, some of my friends live pretty close to me but others live hundreds of miles away!! The warm weather is like the lights at the end of the tunnel of freshman year. I’m ready to come home, that’s for sure.



This month, as the trees and flowers begin to bloom again I have started to notice God in the little things. I am starting to come to the realization that we as humans get caught up in such trivial and sometimes stupid things. We tend to waste our time on little things that don’t really matter and don’t need as much attention as we give them. Instead we need to take that energy and turn it to something much more important and that is the Lord. The other day, I was driving home and there was a halo of clouds surrounding a mountain top and it was breathtaking. It was as if God was saying “I’m here, don’t doubt”.  I want to spend more time seeing God in daily life.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.50.35 PM.png

Stay Preppy,






My Freshman Dorm Room

Yesterday I shared my college essentials packing list and you all seemed to really enjoy it. I am so happy that you all took so well to it and that many of you found it helpful. Today I wanted to share what my freshman dorm room looks like. Whenever I go on LiveStory on Instagram and I’m in my dorm that is the one thing that everybody asks. They all want to see what my dorm room looks like. For the sake of my roommates privacy, I only shared my side of the room. I didn’t include our bathroom because it’s the blandest thing ever as well.

I practically live on and under my bed and that’s about it. There’s no other way to put the furniture in my dorm room and because I moved in later in the year, I got the loft bed. I honestly don’t mind a lofted bed. It makes me feel a little bit more secluded which sometimes, can be nice. I also like having a little cave where my desk is. It’s easy to get lost in my schoolwork underneath there. On the same coin though, I sometimes feel a little bit stir crazy when I spend a lot of time in one spot because the room is so small.

I also tried to make my dorm room feel as homey as possible. That’s why I have tons of throw pillows, pictures, and decorations on my walls. I needed to make things colorful in here in order to keep my sanity haha.

FullSizeRender 131

FullSizeRender 132

FullSizeRender 133

FullSizeRender 134

FullSizeRender 135

FullSizeRender 136

FullSizeRender 137

FullSizeRender 138

FullSizeRender 139

FullSizeRender 140

FullSizeRender 141

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FullSizeRender 143

FullSizeRender 144

FullSizeRender 145




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