Answering YOUR Questions About Social Media, Blogging, & Sponsors

I love answering your questions. Being able to interact with readers whenever I can is super important to me and is one of the most exciting things about blogging. When it comes to emails and private messages, most are concerning social media, partnerships, and blogging in general. Last week, I wanted to open the floor to those who had questions so I could answer them for you today. I send out a Google form last week and last night I picked out some of my favorite questions and really thought out these answers. I hope you all enjoy and that they are helpful to you whether you are wondering about social media platforms or just how to get your foot in the door of the partnership world. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me!

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Image: Lilly Pulitzer

Q: Could you please explain the way a blog works. Do readers subscribe or get notifications when a new post is up? Or do they just check back daily?

A: I write a post each day, or at least I try to! Because this blog is public, anyone can stop by! I do have the option on the sidebar to the right where every single time I publish a blog post, it will be sent directly to your email but I also have a lot of loyal readers who swing by everyday to read. I know there are a few of you out there who read DDoP with their morning coffee each day! You can keep up with me through BlogLovin’ as well! Click here to follow along!

Q: Do you reach out to companies for partnerships or do they approach you?

A: A little bit of both. When I first started out, nobody knew who I was and I needed to really put myself out there. I would email a few companies here and there and I would get denied most often but sometimes, companies would take a chance on me. As I gained following through social media platforms, larger companies began to work with me then. As you get your name out there over time, the roles will be reversed and companies will approach you more than you approach companies. It is always important to have a way to communicate readily available for companies. Make sure that you have an email or a business contact in your social media biographies as well as a contact me page on your website.

Q: How did you come to advertise both yourself and your Instagram to gain followers?

A: I started Instagram with the intention of sharing my love for fashion and that was it. There was no ulterior motive to get “famous” or seek monetary opportunity out of it. I think that is an extremely important thing to notice. If you are in the blogging world and you don’t have the passion for it, you won’t go anywhere. When it comes to advertising for yourself, the key is to create captivating content that makes people coming back for more all while showing a little bit of your personality so readers can know you better. There are four key points that each blogger/Youtuber/influencer should follow in my opinion: communication, quality, consistency, and originality. You need to communicate with your audience through live streams, replying to comments and liking their photos back. You must have high quality pictures and posts; investing an a DSLR camera really took me to the next level. You need to be consistent, meaning that you need to keep at it. Post constantly, always be trying to best yourself and create better content than the day before. Finally, make sure you are original. Nobody wants a knockoff of someone else. Don’t be afraid to show your style, personality, and creativity!

Q: How do you continue to make such cute outfits without wearing the same thing 2 times?! Do company’s send you things or…?

A: I love reinventing looks. See, you think that I don’t wear things twice but I wear a lot of things over again, just in different ways! I take a lot of my outfit inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I buy a lot of basics and versatile items so I can style them with a lot of different things. I pretty much buy all of my clothing on my own. Every now and then a company will send something my way but mainly things on my Instagram are just found on sale somewhere. Never feel like you have to pay a thousand bucks to look like a thousand bucks!

Q: How do you get more followers on your social accounts?

A: Social media can be a tricky thing and honestly, I’m still trying to master how best to use it. To help gain social media following I would do giveaways, collaborate with other bloggers, and focus on creating high quality content. Using hashtags and tagging people aren’t a bad idea either when trying to get your name out there. Remember though, a solid social media presence doesn’t come overnight. You have to just keep at it and work hard! If you do that, I promise it will eventually pay off!

Q: What do you recommend doing for sponsorships and brand deals if you are a smaller blogger?

A: Everybody needs to start somewhere. My first partnership was with a small vinyl monogram company. I then moved onto a company that would send me stickers, and then another that would send me promo items like koozies and pencils. It’s okay to start from the bottom and work your way up. I do recommend taking a leap of faith every now and then and reach out to a larger company. After all, the worst they can say is no. I’m not saying to rep a sticker company for a month and then hit up Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines but I think trying to perfect a craft at a small level and climb the ladder is important. If you are a small blogger I would first iron out the details of establishing a schedule, taking pictures, and growing followers and then work on sponsorships. Work on the fundamentals and then add things in. I would email a few people though and just put yourself out there, be sincere and kind, and really show them what you have to offer. Include your engagement rate (followers to likes and comments) and all of your stats!

Stay Preppy,



Tips for Capturing Great Photos

A reader can decide about 5 seconds if a post is interesting enough for them to read. When it comes to trying to take social media from good to great, and to try to get readers to stay, I always say the best place to start is your photos. You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words?? Well in blog posts, it’s totally true. Photos are what really speak for your posts, they’re colorful, captivating, and can grab your audience with one glance. A lot of readers and aspiring bloggers have recently asked me how I take the pictures that I do. I am still learning with each shoot that I do, what works for me and what doesn’t. I have really noticed a few things that really work for me personally over the past few months. Be patient when it comes to photography, it takes time to not only get the camera settings tailored to what works for you, but modeling also is so hard!! Although I’m not expert photographer, I do have a few tips and tricks that will surely help a few of y’all out!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.47.42 AM.png

Invest in a Camera – If you are really serious about improving the quality of your photos, you have to invest in a great camera. Hate to break it to you but iPhone pictures, even if they’re on a iPhone7, just aren’t good quality pictures for blogging. You need to be in perfect lighting in order to have the picture turn out great on an iPhone. Amp up your camera and your photo quality will go up automatically.

I currently use a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and wow, do I love it. It was around $520 which is pretty cheap for a DSLR camera. I purchased it from Target, so they’re pretty easy to attain. If you’re more of a Nikon person, the T5 is comparable to the Nikon D3300. Both are really great cameras and can record great video as well for all of you videographers out there. When purchasing a camera though, do your research. I wanted something easy to use, light but sturdy, great zoom, video and photo, along with high resolution pixels. I found all of that in my Canon T5.

Take Care of Your Lens– When using a DSLR camera, purchase the package. Usually you can get the body of a camera, a lens, lens caps, and a lens case in one purchase. Don’t use off the market, used lenses because lenses are very temperamental and very easy to scratch and when you shop online you don’t know what that lens has been through! Here are a few things that can happen to your lens.. P.S. to protect the body of your camera from the elements, wrap a plastic bag (like a Target bag) around the body of the camera and cut a hole for the lens to slightly poke though.

  • Snow and Rain – if you are trying to take pictures in the snow or rain be very cautious – I mean like turn around and go back inside until you’re positive you know how to operate the machine in the temperature. Snow and rain will make the inside of your lens foggy and once you fog that up it’s extremely difficult to fix it. This is especially apparent in snow. When you take the lens from a warm house or car and into the cold snowy atmosphere, the air between the lenses changes created the inside to fog up. Cold rain does this too and on a very obvious note, cameras and water don’t mix!!
  • The Beach – A cameras worst nightmare. One, water. That’s a given but it’s much more easily avoidable than the sand. Even though you might not know it, every time the wind blows, sand particles are blowing into the cracks of your camera body which can seriously damage the internal compartments of your camera — especially the zoom. Also, when the sand blows around, it has the great potential to scratch your lens and once you scratch your lens, there’s no going back.

Try Not to Use Flash – In my pictures I rarely use flash, natural light is best. Flash makes my skin look too pale and almost like porcelain. It’s hard to get your natural blush, freckles, and sometimes dimples when you use flash in the daylight. If you manage to get out to shoot photos on a sunny day around one pm, I find that to be the perfect light for well lit outfit photos. If the light isn’t even (meaning small shadows everywhere) try the shade before resorting to the flash. When it’s sunny and you can manage the shadows, the sun ends up looking great on my skin and not too harsh, unlike flash. I think this philosophy goes against a lot of others though which proves how I am no photographer but I’m just sharing what works for me!

Use the Rule of Thirds – When you take pictures, try to have your photographer stray away from taking pictures with you dead center. Sometimes, pictures down the center are absolutely stunning, but by taking pictures with you on the left or right side of the frame can make for some great shots.

Be in the Moment – Candids make for the best photos, so if you have someone who’s not too familiar with photography just tell them to keep their finger on the capture button! They’ll get you laughing, looking off in the distance, looking at birds — doing natural things. Some of my most popular pics are from being in the moment and being candid! Don’t be shy in front of the camera and don’t be stiff. Do a little dance, wiggle your shoulders, do some jumping jacks; just make sure to be natural. When you’re posing in photos, it clearly shows, especially on Instagram when you can compare all of your photos side by side. The more natural you are, the more unique each photo will look and the more captivating your photos will look as a whole.

Keep Your Background in Mind – A background is just as important as the subject of the photo. If you are taking outfit shots, make sure to have the background not be too crowded but be something that matches your style. Make sure that the background is free of anything that you consider an “eyesore”. For me eyesores are chainlink fences, dirt patches in the grass, people walking in the background (people aren’t eyesores, they just don’t match my background lol), port-a-potties, trashcans, roadsigns, cars, trash, etc. y’all get the point.

Appreciate the Shade – Lighting is so tricky to work with. The sun looks great on your skin if you can get it right but sometimes it’s just so difficult to work with! If you are having problems with the sunshine in your photos, head to a shady spot. Have your photographer tell you how the lighting looks through the lens or take test shots. It’s okay to play with the light before shooting!

Be Picky! – I always apologize to my photographers in advance because I am so picky about my pictures. It’s okay to ask your photographers to let you know how the lighting is looking or ask them to retake something if you need it – I mean if blogging is your livelihood, then great pictures are essential. Some great tips to help you get the perfect shot is to first brainstorm what you want. Think of everything from outfits, to backgrounds, and the post you plan on featuring the pictures with, along with your goal for the photos. Some great places to brainstorm are on Pinterest! Make a blogging inspiration board with all kinds of outfits, poses, and pictures to help you figure out what it is you want. When you decide, share this with your photographer; I always do this and sometimes I even send them certain pictures I love. I would also say to periodically look through the pictures to see if you got what you needed. If not, ask your photographer to take a few more and explain exactly what you’re looking for.

Final Note: Thank your photographers. They’re so amazing! I know I’m always bragging about how great all my friends are for helping me out with my pictures but seriously, they kinda help me keep DDoP going! Offer to get them lunch, ice cream, fill their car with gas, $20. Seriously, do something to say thank you for all of their help!

Stay Preppy,




Tips for Collaborating with Companies

Another one of the main questions that I receive probably everyday is how to collaborate and work with companies. This is a crucial part of blogging and social media and sometimes it’s a vert intimidating thing to do. I have worked with some great companies so far such as Lauren James, Kiel James Patrick, Scout by Bungalow, and now Vineyard Vines and I feel as if I know a little bit about how to collaborate with brands. Again, I’m no expert and there are still so many more goals I have for DDoP collaboration wise but hopefully this post will help a few people begin collaborating with other brands.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.01.14 PM.png

Put Your Best Foot Forward – In order to really appeal to companies it’s wise to have a strong Instagram account and blog. Strong doesn’t necessarily mean popular or having a lot of followers. Strong means it looks professional, neat, and enticing. If companies are coming to you, they want to make sure that their products are going to be well represented. You can do this by cutting down on typos in posts (something I need to work on), editing photos, and continually creating original content.

Start an Instagram Account – If you don’t have an Instagram, I would highly suggest that you start one to go along with your blog. Instagram is the next platform for promoting companies, you can do everything through this app. That is also the easiest way for companies to see you.

Use Hashtags and Account Tagging– When using Instagram, there are a few key things that you should do. First, use hashtags. I hate using hashtags but they really do get the job done. By using popular hashtags such as #edsftg or #summerinlilly or #chaconation you are using hashtags tailored specifically to brands that the companies themselves check. By using these hashtags, you are putting yourself into view of specific companies and their followers. These hashtags can take a 12,000 impression post to a 70,000 impression post. The second thing to do on Instagram is to tag companies. Whatever you’re wearing and wherever you are, by tagging companies and certain people you’re also increasing your chances of being looked at by companies.

Start Small – I know we all want to work with amazing brands like Lilly Pulitzer but truth of the matter is, not all of us will get there. When you begin blogging start small. My first collaboration was with a small vinyl monogram shop and it was amazing! Start small and work your way up, it’s okay to do that. The fact is to get the ball rolling and work your way up the ladder.

Go With Your Brand – Stay true to who you are. Don’t accept collaborations just because they are being offered to you. You have gained your readers trust because you are blogging about something that they are interested in. If you stray from your brand, you lose your readers trust and interest. When you lose those two things, you lose everything.

Pitch Yourself – Reach out to companies. Big corporate companies most likely won’t respond but smaller companies are more likely to send a response back. I would suggest to carry all business  conversations through email and privately. Some companies will ask in your comment sections if you will represent or work with them. It’s never smart to conduct business in public.When you pitch yourself include your name, your blog or social media, why you think you would represent them well, your numbers (following, impressions, etc.) and links to your profiles. Remember to be kind and to be professional. Double check your spelling and your wording as well.

Apply for Representative Programs – One great way to interact with companies is to apply for brand rep positions. A lot of the time, companies have representative programs where they choose social media influencers to post about their product. Companies will either supply you with exclusive coupon codes, free product, or actual cash. Not only does this make for great engaging content but it also establishes contacts with companies. Companies usually announce over social media when they’re accepting applications for rep programs so make sure to keep a close eye on Instagram.

Make Them Come to You – My favorite and probably the most impressive way to work with companies is to make them come to you. This takes a lot of patience and work! Basically by tagging companies when appropriate, using proper hashtags,  and having impeccable photo quality, you will increase your chances of brands reaching out to you. This is not a  guarantee that if you do these things that companies will automatically reach out to you but with proper tagging and great quality photos, you are upping your chances of a possible partnership.

Be Accessible – In order for companies to reach out to you, make sure that they are able to reach you. On any social media, make sure that there is an email account linked that you check frequently. After a while, brand offers will go stale just sitting in your inbox. In other words, if you wait to respond to a brand offer for too long, the offer will be taken off the table entirely. So make sure to check frequently!!

Be Selective – It’s always extremely exciting when a new brand reaches out to you but you have to look at the big picture when it comes to brand deals. Everyone that reaches out to you won’t match your style, I can guarantee that. There will always be those one or two companies that are just looking for a promotion from anybody with a following,  no matter  if their product fits the influencer. It’s okay to turn things down and to be picky when it comes to your page. After all, this is for you, not the free/discounted things. Remember, you have built up your audience’s trust – don’t ruin that by taking on a partnership just for the product!

Stay Preppy,



Tips for Starting a Blog + Public Social Media

So many people ask me this question and I wanted to write out one big post addressing this one question as thoroughly as possible. Staring a blog is a really daunting task, trust me I’ve been there before. To me, blogging is a business and essentially a job. Whether you’re connecting with companies, taking sponsorships, making money, or partnering with people, you are creating a job for yourself. Obviously, I’m no expert and I have miles and miles to grow when it comes to blogging and social media but these are just a few of the things I have learned over the past few months!

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 5.44.44 PM.png

Not About the Numbers – People talk all about followers and as impressive as tens of thousands of followers is at first glance it’s really all about engagement with your readers on social media especially. It’s not good when you have 23K on Instagram with only 600 likes per picture. That’s a 2% conversion rate – meaning that only 2% of your followers are actually engaging in your social media. Anyone can buy followers, it’s painfully obvious when people do so. The best way to grow a legit and loyal following is by being patient and by being consistent.

Give it Trail Run – A lot of people dive into blogging on a whim and never really consider the time and effort that it takes into making it work, let alone making it successful. A great way to gauge if blogging is for you is to create one the exact way you want it but leave it on private for a while. Create a schedule you want and post according to the schedule. Try it out for a few weeks and see how it works. You can decide if it’s too much to fit into your daily routine or you can see if you want to up your posting schedule! This is a great way to determine how many posts to share each week and it gives you plenty of time to tinker with your blog layout until you find what you love best.

Quality Over Quantity – You can post multiple times a day but unless the quality of your content isn’t the best it can possibly be, your blog and social medias won’t grow. With social media growing every day, there are more and more bloggers trying to “make it big”. My mentality is to constantly best myself every day. What can I improve on? What can I continue to do? What’s really working? These are all questions that I ask myself when it comes to creating great quality content.

Invest. Invest. Invest. – Once you get to the point that you feel like your blog is a long term goal and that you will keep at it the best thing to do is invest. Not only did I invest more time by changing posts from every other day to every day, but I invested in a DSLR camera, a domain name, and a hosting company. I wouldn’t say to go overboard in your spending and don’t jump right into spending money, but once you are sure that blogging is something you want to do, I would take that leap and spend a decent amount of money on your blog.

Photos are Everything – Photos really take your work from average to extraordinary. This is why your photos need to be at the best quality possible. I saw a drastic difference in follower and reader engagement when I upped my photo quality and started posting pictures that included my face. Don’t be mistaken, this doesn’t just mean that you increase your camera itself but you also need to make sure that you have a great setting. Everything about your picture needs to be as perfect as you can get it. If that means going on trips to take photos or scouting out great photography locations then so be it. I promise you though, as soon as you perfect your picture quality, you will enter into an entire different atmosphere of blogging.

Interact with Readers – One thing that I have found to be so important is interacting with your readers. Trust me, at one point or another we have all been “fangirls” of someone whether it be a singer, actress, or any public figure. It’s always nice to hear back from them when you reach out. On your blog make sure to have a contact page so readers can send you messages and ask you questions. If you have a Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or any other form of social media, I highly advise that you try to respond and/or acknowledge every message, comment, and note that a follower leaves for you – after all, they’re supporting you! I have also found that Instagram livestreams really bring you closer to your audience. I have had a blast getting to know a bunch of readers through livestream.

Establish a Schedule – Readers want to know that they can count on content regularly. Whether it be once a week, twice a week, every other day, or daily it’s a great idea to make a schedule and stick to it. This gives new readers tons of content to read when they arrive to your site and it keeps current readers coming back for more. Make sure your schedule is consistent and the post days not too far apart. If you post less than once a week, it won’t really create a great following. This is because even though you might be drawing new readers in, some old readers are going to leave because of the lack of posts.

Sister Social Medias – Sister social media accounts are a great way to grow your blog. Instagram is the best platform to use in my opinion because you can not only post to the public but you can converse privately using DM, find new accounts (and have yours featured) on the Explore page, but you can also host livestreams to help create a more personal relationship with followers. You can also cross promote your blog through tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images, and Tumblr posts. This is super important when it comes to promoting your different platforms.

Establish Relationships with Other Bloggers – Some of the best friendships I have made have been through blogging. Not only will social media feel like a friendlier place but you can set up collaborations, help establish relationships with brands, and form friendships! You can establish relationships by commenting on posts, reaching out through direct message, and just supporting fellow bloggers.

Internal Competition – Not with others, but with yourself. I like to have an internal competition with myself to see if I can create something better than what I created the day before. I am constantly trying to best myself. This helps my creativity flow and helps me continue to grow as a blogger. If you have an internal competition with yourself you will find your content only increasing in quality on all levels.

Be You – The best thing to do is to be you. Readers will know if you’re copying something or someone else. The whole point of having a blog is to share what you have to say. If you’re copying someone else one: your blog won’t be original and two: you are wasting your time because people have already read it before. Share your thoughts, your ideas, your style! After all, style is that you make it and how you turn it into something that represents you! Your site should reflect who you are and nobody else.

Stay Preppy,







How to Be a Full-Time Student and Blogger

During this past summer, I decided to take the blog from 2-3 posts a week to posting every single day. Every now and then life gets in the way and the blog has to take a backseat and I skip a post but if we’re comparing activity from this time last year to now, I have seriously upped the amount of posts.

I am always asked how I juggle being a full-time college student and a full time blogger, all while maintaining a social life. It definitely did take me a little while to adjust to college while blogging, hence the absence of posts in September, but I promise you, it’s doable. As they say, if you want to make time for it, you will make time for it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.45.21 PM.png

Make  a Schedule – Everyday I sit down and write out my schedule to the minute. This schedule includes my classes, meals, workout times, and blogging of course. I even schedule in breaks and time to shower. This helps me make the best use of my time and lets me know how much time I have to complete all of my work I need to do.

Make Lists – Not a day goes by where I don’t make a list. My daily schedules are pretty general, so the detailed things don’t usually make their way into the outline of the day. I make lists every day reminding me of the small things I need accomplish such as go to the mailroom, return a textbook, or fold laundry. It’s always super satisfying to cross things off of my to-do list as well, so I usually start with making my bed or getting ready for the day.

Photoshoot Days – Being a blogger in college is most difficult when it comes to taking pictures for posts. As pretty as JMU is, the Quad gets pretty stale when it comes to pictures. My best suggestion is to wake up early on a Saturday morning and plan a day trip to an off campus location. There are so many great places about an hour away from JMU such as the University of Virginia, Monticello, various apple orchards, pumpkin patches etc. When you take this trip, plan for taking 5-7 outfit posts in that time. It usually takes me about 3 hours to get through 5 outfits. By doing this you are stocking up on photos for the next few weeks. If you do this bi-weekly you can save up for finals weeks or weekends when you just can’t cut out time to take photos.

Be In the Moment – When blocking out time for school, social, and blogging you need to be in the moment. When you’re at the library working on a history paper don’t be worrying about the blog. Vice-versa, when you’re at home working on the blog don’t be thinking about the word you have to do for your calculus class. There is a time for everything but if you spend it worrying about what you need to do next not only will your current project suffer but you’re going to stress yourself out.

Keep Active on Social Media – If there are days where you just can’t carve out the time to sit down and write, make sure that you’re active on social media. That doesn’t mean, sit down and have a hour long love stream but that means to post a picture on Instagram to let people know you’re still posting but just skipped a day. This also gives readers some sort of content to enjoy if there was a post-less day.

Keep Blogging and Social Life Separate – When it comes to my social life, yes I do have one. I really like to keep social life and the blog separate however. Just like the saying, keeping work and play separate, that’s how I like Daily Dose of Prep to be. This is why you won’t find many pictures of my friends and family over on my Instagram. I have a personal Instagram as well, but if you try to follow me (many have) I will deny your request. This is for the privacy of not only my personal life, but for my friend’s and family’s personal life as well. Keeping the two lives separate is a great way to balance and establish them. You a creating a clear cut distinction between the two.

Stay Preppy,


What’s Your Brand?

The other day, the CEO of The Brand Girls came out to JMU and spoke in front of the entire Panhellenic council about how to grow our confidence and our brand in order to achieve our dream job. After listening to her talk, I started thinking about what my brand is and what it is I want to accomplish in life. Lately, I have been questioning my intentions to become a teacher and have been toying with the idea to switch to business and branding. I’m not entirely sure where my heart is at the moment; part of me loves kids and the idea of being able to inspire so many young adults, but another part of me really loves the concept of building a brand and working in business. So, what comes next? I’m not entirely too sure, but what I am sure about is the brand that I want for Daily Dose of Prep. I have really been enjoying working on social media over the past year and a half and writing a post everyday (minus a day here and there) really makes my heart happy.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 9.53.29 AM.png

I’m not lying when I say that I have been happier in these past 18 months that I have been my entire life. I believe I have successfully made Daily Dose of Prep a happy “work environment” and I use that term loosely, because writing posts and taking pictures is so much fun for me that I don’t consider this work at all. When readers visit DDoP or find my Instagram feed, they often ask how I build a blog. I could answer in the quite literal way about how to build a blog with sidebars, menus, and a header but I like to answer in the figurative way. Your blog is only as good as your brand so I like to let that message shine through when asking questions about how to build a blog.

Here at Daily Dose of Prep I created a brand that is tailored to fashion savvy girls who are confident and comfortable in their own skin. I wanted to create a space when readers can come and leave comments, share posts, and feel like they belong. Although I am no expert, here are some tips to help create your brand to your readers, whatever it may be!

Show Your Confidence – No reader is going want to follow or read anything from a person who doesn’t seem confident in their work. This confidence can be enhanced by posting more pictures, especially those with your face in it.This can also come from reducing typos and false facts in your work. Every now and then, a typo slips through the cracks (trust me, I know!) but by re-reading and editing, you will feel more confident in your final product.

Engaging with Readers – No one is going to feel like they are welcomed if they continue to leave comments and write emails without receiving a word back from you. It’s important to try your hardest to reciprocate communication with readers as they do to you. If someone comments on a post, it’s courtesy to comment back. If there’s no question to answer a simple thank you is just as kind. Another tip for engaging readers is to have some way for readers to contact you privately. Whether it’s by leaving your email address on your homepage or by creating a contact page, some readers want a more private setting when reaching out. Not only is this courtesy but it sparks growth with outside readers.

Practice What Your Preach – Similar to doing as you say, your blog should mirror your brand. I created a space for fashion savvy girls who want not only fashion advice but life and lifestyle tips. I share exactly that. If I didn’t, people wouldn’t believe of care to follow my advice.

Take Advantage of Social Media – Social Media is tomorrow’s platform. Gone are the days where you see fliers hanging or people handing out pamphlets. Everything is promoted through social media. Instagram especially has blown up with companies searching for promoters and influencers. Put yourself on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest to not only give readers easier and quicker access to your life but to help grow contacts and relationships with companies. Instagram is also great because you can use certain hashtags and tag specific companies to increase the chance of them seeing your work.

Establish a Logo – By establishing a logo, you are not only making a name for yourself but you are also putting an easily identifiable version of yourself out to the public. You can place this at the top of your blog or website along with creating merchandise. I created logo stickers so I can not only hand them out to friends and family but I can sell some to turn a profit and use some as incentives for giveaways. It’s a great way to get people all over to talk about you. It’s always fun to see where stickers are being sent. I’ve had many orders from Texas, Tennessee, Washington and some as close as 20 minutes away from my house in Virginia. The more your brand is out there, the better.

Stay Preppy,